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Managing Your Career in Challenging Economic Times

If your company/agency/nonprofit were to cut positions in your department because of budget cuts, would your job be on the chopping block? Do you feel safe? Here are a few questions to stimulate your thinking. Your goal is to ensure that you not only keep your job, but reinforce that you are viewed as a valued contributor.

Workplace Marketability is Age Neutral

Employers weed-out job candidates whose skills are out-dated or who exhibit low energy or little flexibility … or any combination of these. Some may call it ‘age discrimination’. I call it fielding candidates for the most relevant marketability. Follow my tips and you will see that there is no lack of opportunity for the mature worker.

Getting That Job That You Want

They may conduct background checks to applicants to ensure that they are hiring clean and qualified applicants. But the employment thing greatly depends on the applicant. Here are some tips to land the job you wish for.

Top Jobs That Put Something Back Into the Community

Giving back to the community is a great feeling and it’s something that a lot of people really strive to do. However, it isn’t always easy, and finding the right job can be a daunting task.

Career Advice – 7 Questions to Ask in an Informational Interview

Conducting an Informational Interview with someone who works in or near a field that interests you can be an excellent way to get inside information and make a contact for the future. In a previous article, I addressed setting up and conducting the interview. This article addresses seven questions you should be sure to ask at your interview.

Career Advice – 5 Tips to Using the Informational Interview to Find Your Dream Job

The Informational Interview was popularized in the 1970’s in Richard N Bolles landmark book on career searches, “What Color is Your Parachute.” Although not as common now, the Informational Interview is still a useful tool in learning about a field you’d like to explore. But, you’ve got to do it correctly. Follow these tips to set it up, do it, and make a contact for your future.

Career Advice – 7 Questions to Refine Your Dream Business Or Dream Job Description

So, you love something. How do you turn that into your own Dream Business? Or, if you don’t want your own business, how about that Dream Job? They’re out there, and often created by someone like you and proposed to an employer. The trick is to have the idea defined enough to make it work. Here are seven questions you can ask yourself to do just that.

Surviving a Layoff – Creating a Blueprint For Putting Your Best Foot Forward

You’ve been the victim of a vicious layoff, now what do you do? Expert advice on how to use this as an opportunity to put your best foot forward and find the job of your dreams, despite the economic downturn. You can stand out from the crowd just by fine-tuning your approach to job seeking. Get ready, set, go!

Top Ten Careers

Everyone knows the economy is in a downturn, but this can also be a time of wonderful opportunity. The economy will improve, and you should be ready for it by training for one of the top ten careers for now and the future. Here is an overview of what many experts say are the careers to pursue…

How to Cope With the Recession

The credit crunch or economic downturn is placing increased pressures on organisations. Whether they are reducing staff, restructuring their teams, cutting training budgets or reducing pay rises, there will be an impact on you. Read on for top tips to cope with the recession.

Finding Meaningful Work

What is meaningful work to you? Are you excited to go to work when the alarm-clock goes off? Read on to learn how to determine what’s “meaningful” for you.

Transcript Infinity and Beyond

Congratulations! You’ve taken the big step to create an event that will be informing and profitable. Now you want to get the event transcribed into a book, manual, study course or membership content for your clients. You’re hoping the presentation went well, but when the transcript comes back, it’s not what you wanted at all.

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