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How Your Manager Can Hurt You – Protect Yourself From a Lying Manager

How do you protect yourself from an unscrupulous manager? I believe the most effective and proven method is…

Laid-Off? Prepare For the Work Ahead

Right now a lot of Americans are losing their jobs due to the recession. For the same reason, they’re unable to find work in another position. Finding a job is hard work, especially in today’s competitive environment.

Why Your Career Promotion Doesn’t Require a College Education!

With the job market becoming ever more competitive, you may feel a lack of college education is holding you back and limiting your career promotion. This shouldn’t be the case. Here’s why…

Employees Needing to Be Closer to Work Aren’t Moving Home – They’re Renting a Weekday Room Instead

The economic downturn is inevitably making people take a different stance on how and where, they work and live. With jobs under threat, flexibility is often the key to keeping a job… but this isn’t always easy to achieve if you aren’t geographically mobile. Yet, there is a solution: Monday to Friday renting.

How to Write a Professional Email – Transitioning From “i Am L33t” to “Business Elite.”

You don’t want people to think you are an idiot when you send them an email. There are a few common practices that can help you become the smart successful business person you always dreamed of and they don’t all involve grammar. If you learned to write by sending text messages, blogging, or using Twitter it’s important to remember to use spell checkers and not neglect the “shift” key. Are you guilty of any of these unprofessional practices?

The Open Door in the Time of Recession – How You Should Invest in Recession Period

During the recession period, what is the best investment? Do you still want to invest your money in the stock market? Many financial experts have warned people to not rely on the stock market. If this is the case, where should we invest our money to get the returns in a down economy? Continue to read to find out!

Job Interview 101 For Law Students – The Screening Interview

The screening interview is your first assessment as a worthy candidate for employment in a law firm. Read on to find out how to impress your interviewer and move one step closer to a position in that respected firm.

5 Tips on How to Find a Dream Job

We’re all feeling the pressure of the economy and some of us are considering changing careers. But how do you find your dream job? Here are some tips to help you along the way.

Housecleaning Job is More Financially Viable Than Many Office Jobs

Recently I saw an ad where a family was looking for a live housekeeper to clean up their home and run some errands daily and it was a live in job paying $975 per week. Consider a person who have not been college educated or only have a high school diploma making that amount. I think that is a good salary. Many people with BA degrees are not earning that. Many people with their MBAs start jobs at entry level earning $12 – $18 per hour.

Facing Lay-Off – Buy a Hotel

Business executives facing the prospect of lay-off should consider buying their own business. Buying a hospitality business like a hotel, inn or B&B is an easy way to replace your old corporate salary.

Would You Pay $10,000 For a Great Job?

How many college students would be willing to pay $10,000 for a great job? Now, isn’t that an interesting question. However, before everyone starts to check their empty wallets, I want to let you all in on a secret. The fact is that there is a price that you must pay if you want to land good job, but the currency isn’t dollars. The real currency is the time you spend on research, planning and preparation.

Find Success in Your First Job

You’ve been selected by an employer that believes you can contribute to their success. Now, all you have to do is prove it. Although it may be a bit scary, you can get off to a good start, when you follow a few basic principles of success.

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