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Requirements to Become a College Professor

The only requirement to become a college professor is to obtain a post-graduate degree. Many professors have a masters degree in their field rather than a doctorate. This depends on the type of school. Major universities and four-year institutions require that their faculty hold a doctorate while community colleges and for-profit schools set the minimum level as a masters degree. Many schools now certify their professors to teach courses due to accreditation requirements.

How to Surrender Noble Multi-Tasking Anonymously

Perhaps you’re wondering how this phrase “Multi-tasker’s Anonymous” came to take shape as if it were something to hide from. Your parents might have been excellent multi-tasker’s, which is perhaps where you learned to do it so well. As you grew into adulthood multi-tasking began taking on a life of its own in an overwhelming way, but still you bore it, and wore it proudly like a badge of honor.

Goal Setting For Job Seekers

So you’re either unemployed, getting ready to be laid off or just unsatisfied with your current job situation. Data from the Labor Department revealed jobless rate surges to 7.6%, highest since ’92. That equals to 3.6 million Americans who wake up wondering how they are going to pay their bills.

Learn How to Become a Model

Well it is that time of year when school is beginning to let out and many girls and guys look for Summer Modeling Work. There are some modeling jobs to be had in the Summer months but what most girls and guys who want to be models don’t know is that modeling is a full time commitment.

Why Do So Many People Fail the Police Test?

Becoming a police officer is one of the most sought after jobs in the world and the police force certainly has its fair share of applicants. Many who take the test, Fail. Only the best however make it through and are chosen to serve their community as policemen and women.

How to Find the Perfect Mentor (Without a Formal Program)

Have you always wanted a great mentor, but are not currently in a position to take advantage of a formal program which provides one? If so, here are some ideas and strategies to help you find and develop a productive and valuable informal mentor relationship with the ‘perfect’ mentor for you. This article gives you the specific steps and language you need to bridge the gap between wanting someone to be your mentor and actually getting them to agree to do it.

Ace a Job Interview – How to Interview and Land a Job

When going on a job interview you need to understand that this is going to be the first impression your potential employer will get of you. it is important that you dress properly for the interview and this means always wear business attire. Even if the job you are applying for is casual you want to make a good impression with this employer. The next thing you need to make sure is that you all are early for the appointment. If you are late to your job interview you can almost guarantee that you will not get the job. Make sure that you search online and gather information about the company you are applying to.

Successfully Submit the Right Pictures For Model Agency Representation

Most model agencies get hundreds of pictures a week by people who want to break into the modeling business. At most your images get about 5 seconds to make it by the first cut, or should I say delete button. After that it is usually shuttled around between the relevant bookers who also make split second decisions regarding it’s, rather I mean, your fate. So, if you want to keep the delete button away from your pictures, read on.

How to Get Headhunted in the Pensions Industry and the Process Which Follows

Recent media coverage has been painting a very negative picture of the UK economy and if we believe everything we hear then the worst recession since the great depression of the 1920’s is upon us. Most statistics are showing businesses making job cuts and not hiring. However, the Pensions Industry appears to be bucking that trend and the number of assignments we are handling is on the increase.

What is Your Dream Job?

Too many people are unsatisfied with their work. Some of them even try to change their work field but most of the time they get to feel that it’s too late to do that because what they currently do is all they know. So why not save yourself from a lot of frustration and make the right choice from the start!

Remember Those Dreams?

The dreams and expectations we come with at the beginning of our careers somehow get lost on the way. But even if we’re not where we wanted it’s not too late to continue fighting. It’s about reassessing your needs and staying focused on that only goal!

Why an Internship?

Internships are a great way to start building your work experience. However, you might not know all the details. This article helps you see what you could gain from a program like this and also why it is important for the companies too.

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