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How To Use Your Intuition To Land The Perfect Job And Shift Your Career

Lets face it. Landing the perfect job in today’s economic upheaval is going to prove a challenge for many of you. This grim reality has little to do with you, or your abilities, and everything to do with the job market and the uncertainty of the times. In fact, there may no longer be perfect jobs for you, not at this time.

Ten Techniques to Stay Confident During a Job Transition

Your confidence can erode during a job transition. As you move from the known to the unknown you feel unsettled and off balance. It is easy to begin to doubt your own abilities. This can happen during any type of job transition. Whether you doing a job search, have accepted some new responsibilities added to your old job, or are starting a new job, transitions can be rough on your confidence level. Here are some exercises that will help you build and maintain your confidence.

Find a Job That is Recession-Proof

There are many jobs and positions being eliminated due to the economy and a company’s attempt to save money. However, there are some jobs and industries that are just as strong, if not stronger due to the current situation.

The Life of an IT Contractor

Becoming an IT Contractor is one of the hardest decisions anyone with strong IT skills has to make. As a contractor, jobs are relatively abundant if there are skill shortages in your area of expertise. The pay is good, but there are other issues to consider.

How to Become an Accomplished Affiliate Marketer

Many people out there tell you that you can make big bucks online as an affiliate marketer, which is true, but for that to happen, you must know 3 things: What to Promote, Where to Promote and How to Promote. Without these basic pillars, your campaign might become a very efficient way to blow through your money without making a dime. Avoid these common mistakes, read more to find some tips!

Where Can New Truck Drivers Turn For Hope in Today’s Poor Economy?

With the demand for drivers down and the job search more difficult than it’s been in decades, what is the outlook for people looking to become truck drivers now? Are jobs available? Which types of schooling give you the best shot at getting a job?

Are You Prepared For Your First Real Job?

Most people can remember their first job. But while it may be very far from being the pinnacle of your whole career, it is still a defining moment in your life; and there is a lot to think about as well. Preparing yourself to start your first job can take some time, depending on what you will be doing and where the job is located.

Either You Know the Word MBO Or You Don’t Know the Concept of Career Planning

The term MBO refers to a program developed by Peter Drucker in 1954. The acronym stands for Management by Objectives. The program consists of some simple yet powerful methods for identifying objectives and attaining them. Let’s discuss the 5 MBO methods which can be applied to career planning.

How NOT to Get Your Child Into Modeling

Are you thinking your child is cute? Really cute, enough to model? Better read this first, then decide if you and your child should jump into the modeling world.

5 Tips For a Smooth Career Change

Thinking about changing careers? Take the time to plan your strategy and get organized. Making a smooth career change is possible. If you want to leave a job that just isn’t fulfilling your needs or utilizing your skills, make the adjustment. Regardless of age, it is possible to switch to a better career. Don’t believe the lie that you can be too old to change careers. With a bit of organization, you can make a smooth transition onto a new career path and finally enjoy going to work each day.

How to Start Your Own Beauty Salon

Starting your own beauty salon involves a lot of preparation on your part, from marketing ideas down to the purchasing of salon materials. And frankly, you cannot afford to sacrifice quality when it comes to your salon’s equipment and accessories.

Preparing Yourself For a Veterinary Career

The key to a winning experience in the field of veterinary medicine is “preparation.” And to get yourself started, you can always try volunteering at a local vet clinic, even before deciding to study at a vet school.

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