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7 Pieces of Advice For Job Security in These Uncertain Economic Times

You don’t have to be reminded that times are tough. If you have a job, keep it. I found out the hard way. There may be things more painful than going to a job that doesn’t excite you, doesn’t challenge you, or just plain doesn’t inspire you anymore.

Community College Professor Salary

Starting salary should not be the main consideration when deciding if you wish to teach at a community college. Other factors to be considered include the initial salary, the maximum salary, how many years it takes to achieve the maximum rate, the hiring difficulty factor, expectations of you as a professor, effort needed to succeed, and the chances for advancement. However, your final decision should be put within the context of your written goals in order to assure your ultimate success.

The Joy of Residual Income

The dictionary has many definitions of residual income one of which is repeated regular income, earned by a person, generated from the payment of a product or service that must be renewed on a regular basis, in order to continue receiving its benefits. Most of us know that actors, writers, and singers enjoy residual income for their work. Every time their song is played on the radio or on the television they are getting paid over and over for the work they did one time. Did you know we can all enjoy residual income without being famous personalities?

How to Land Your Next Job Through Monster

Everyone has heard of the job website Monster and many people has used it to find their next job. Here is some advice that will increase your odds of landing that next position through Monster.

Ten Questions You Must Answer to Determine If You Really Deserve a Promotion

What really makes someone promotable? Is it possible for an employee to be successful in performing his/her job but never be promoted or attain greater levels of responsibility? In my studies of successful people and in reviewing my own career success I believe that what often separates those who are promoted from those who are not is the ability to honestly answer yes to a series of critical questions that determine if an individual has the necessary skills and attitude to deserve a promotion in whatever field he/she works. Ask yourself the following questions to see where you stand.

Jumping Between Trains

Remembering How to Jump Between Trains looks at the downside of having “plenty of time” to decide. Whether it’s a layoff or retirement that slows your personal pace, it’s important to practice jumping at new things rather than giving yourself copious amounts of time to decide every time. Otherwise, when opportunities you’re yearning for come along, you may miss out because you didn’t move fast enough…

Be a Star at Work – Think Like an Entrepreneur

Some of the greatest successes in our modern world, both large and small, were achieved by entrepreneurs. These are the people who think and act differently enough to stand out and turn a vision into reality. These people have a few common traits that you can easily use to take your career to the next level.

Where Will Technology Based Energy Jobs Be in Five Years?

Many people have been wondering where energy will be in five, ten, and twenty years from now, some because they wonder about the types of transportation we’ll have, others because they want to help the environment, and still others because they see a new market that will be ripe with fresh energy industry jobs. In this article, we’ll briefly detail how the energy industry is likely to look in roughly five years, as well as what you can do to take advantage of this emerging market.

Stumbling Blocks on the Road to Success

In this country, in these times, we have access to everything we need to be healthy, wealthy and wise. So…what’s getting in the way? Maybe you are. The stumbling blocks on the road to success are of your own creation. I’ve listed the most common ones below.

Asking For a Raise is Your Career “Rite of Passage”

The thought of asking for a raise immediately conjures the fear of rejection, upsetting the boss, seeming ungrateful and even thoughts that you’re not worth more. However, asking for a raise will help you break through to the next level of your career faster than any other single action.

What is Responsibility?

“The worst part was I had to admit to my boss that I couldn’t do the project on my own!” Whether you are the boss or follow someone else’s lead, responsibility is a concept that many of us misinterpret as performing a task. Growing up all I ever wanted was responsibility.

Out of a Job? Think Barbeque!

The barbeque business is flourishing in these hard economic times! The barbeque restaurants that we’ve seen most of our lives are still going strong and bringing in new customers daily. The reason is simple.

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