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Five Myth Busters of Changing Careers – Breaking Free to Reach Your Dreams

Aside from the statistics about the sheer number of careers across our lifetimes in 2009, there are a multitude of new perspectives on career planning, and career options. Was it an option to be a network engineer in a small office when you were a youngster?

Five Tips For Becoming a Private Investigator

Many people are curious how private investigators (PIs) get into the profession and assume most were former cops (and they’re right-a majority of PIs are former law enforcement officers). But whatever a person’s background, the common traits found in all good PIs are curiosity, creativity, and perseverance. This article offers five tips toward becoming a PI.

5 Great Things to Know If You’ve Lost a Sales Job

Losing a job involuntarily at any time isn’t fun. Been there, done that, have the emotional scars to prove it. Losing a job due to company cut backs during a tough economy is even worse but if you’re a sales person there might not be a silver lining but there is good reason to have a lot more hope for your short and long term future prospects than the average worker.

Be Your Own Boss

Small businesses and entrepreneurship are fast becoming the job of choice in today’s economy. When considering opening your own business, here again, evaluate your strengths. Know what skills you have to start and run your own business and get help from people who know about entrepreneurship.

Always Ask For Help

One of the biggest mistakes people make in their job search is trying to do it alone. Ask for help not only in preparing to search but in the search itself.

Retrain, Volunteer, Or Intern

Experience opens doors to great jobs, and internships and volunteer positions will add greatly to your retraining and your resume. As you research yourself and the industries available, you may realize you need to go in a different direction. If your skills are transferable, you can redesign your marketing material to show your value in the new industry. If you do not have the credentials to go into the new field, you may need more education.

Use Technology Wisely

One of the most popular trends in technology is the social networking websites. There are over one hundred of such sites with Facebook and MySpace being the most popular, with Twitter booming as well.

Target Companies and Industries

Naturally, you will need to define a geographic area which may reflect personal preference or where the jobs are. Whatever your decision, this step requires both personal and business research.

Putting Your Best Skills to Use For Your Benefit

As you prepare for your career or for a career change, take a survey on your skills. There are some online and we offer this kind of survey through our company. When you look at the possibilities you may find there are valuable skills you never considered adding to your list.

Go For Your Passions and Purpose

When I go through the check out counter at the grocery store, I am always interested to see how enthusiastic the checker is about his or her job. Most of these individuals are well trained and greet me then ask the routine question, “Did you find everything you wanted?”

Change Your Mindset

In the last century, jobs were a way of life. Workers had confidence in their employment and income into retirement. As we approached the new millennium, the trend to bolster the balance sheet popularized the skimming of “fat” from the bottom line.

Career Change in Job Search

A change in career can be necessitated by external factors that may affect an entire industry; such as hand-operated looms giving way to machine operated ones, leaving an entire workforce skilled in hand looms unemployed. Career changes are also the result of an inner calling or the desire to pursue a particular vocation. Or you may think of a career change if you have been laid off and no longer wish to continue with the same work.

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