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Career Advice – Decisions Are the Essence of Career Success

Every one of us makes many decisions each day. Few of them stand alone as “make or break” choices, but in total they determine our career path and quality of our lives. Despite this fact very few of us take the time to think about how we make decisions, and what prohibits us from doing a better job in this process. This article examines three major impediments to making good decisions and provides common sense advice on how to deal with them.

Career Coaching – How to Wreck Your Reputation Through Social Networking

Looking around for the your next role may involve approaching contacts via social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Indeed any prospective employer would be wise to check out your profile before making an offer – would what they find out about you impress them or send them running for cover? What can you do to minimise your chances of wrecking your reputation and manage your personal brand?

Staffing Your Beauty Pageant Business

Pageant directors depend on a staff of talented and capable people to run a smooth beauty contest. Here is a list of the key positions and duties you the beauty pageant director will need to fill.

Good Judging is Critical to the Success of Your Beauty Pageant

Good judging is absolutely necessary for success and long term reputation of your pageant. Judges that pick the wrong candidate for the wrong reasons will affect you as a director and the standing of your pageant.

Have You Ever Thought About Starting Your Own Beauty Pageant?

Are you thinking about starting and directing your very own beauty pageant? Do you enjoy helping others reach their dreams? Do you love the glamor of the beauty pageant industry? Your reasons can determine your success.

Beauty Pageant Crowns, Banners, and Pins – Oh My

One thing a beauty pageant director must do is select the right crown, banners, sashes, and prizes for their pageant. The theme of your pageant will determine what type and style of crowns, prizes and banners are best. Let me give you some pointers.

Awards, Prizes and Sponsors For Your Beauty Pageant

Beauty pageant directors know that sponsors are vitally important to the success of a pageant. Sponsors can donate products for their promotional value. The product donations are then given to contestants as prizes. I’ll show you how this works.

Career Advice – The Job Interview Is Your Time At Bat

After months of searching for a new position you have finally been invited to come in for a face-to-face interview. What are you going to do to maximize your chances of getting an offer that will advance you toward your career goals. This article provides career coaching on specific steps to improve the odds of getting a job that will advance one’s career path.

Career Advice – Are You a Frog in Hot Water?

Career Advice: How do you feel about your job? If you are among the huge number of those who are “unsatisfied” with the path of your career, it’s time to get cracking with an action plan to improve your life on the job. Left uncorrected such a state of mind slowly but surely breeds frustration and ennui, which in turn sap your strength and abilities to build a successful career.

Pageant Predictions For the Next Few Years

The beauty pageant industry is going through changes. Here are my predictions for five different areas; 1) Sandal Type shoe for swimsuit competition, 2) Natural hair styles are back, 3) Evening gowns are going to ruffles, 4) Dramatic Eyeshadow is making a statement, and 5)The classic swimsuit is no more!

How to Choose the Right Career Path

Choosing the right career is very important. It is the most defining decision in our lives. The job you take not only determines the amount of money you will be earning but also the amenities you will be able to enjoy – such as what car you can afford, the house you are going to live in, and the comforts you can obtain for yourself, your family, and others around you.

Career Advice – Real Leaders Know How to Get “Votes”

If you truly want to be a leader and gain career success you must sell yourself and your ideas to three constituencies: your friends and loyalists; your adversaries; and the undecided. After all, what you accomplish as leaders comes through the persuasion and influence you exert with other people. This article provides career coaching on how to deal with these three groups.

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