How Much Does ZIAS Make on youtube

How Much Does ZIAS Make on YouTube (estimated)

ZIAS is estimated to make about 168k a year on YouTube. Actually figures are not released, but how much does he make is estimated. He might have made less in the past when his channel started to grow, so maybe the average would be about 20k a year.

ZIAS is best known as a YouTuber and ex-football player. He is also a social media influencer, mostly known for his reaction videos. So far, the channel has earned over four million subscribers.

How does ZIAS  compare to the average income of a Youtube celebrity?

The average YouTuber make about 12k a month. Other data says the median for a Youtuber is about 2,000 a month. So how does ZIAS compare to the average income on youtube? Well on first glance it might seem that he makes less than average but you have to take into account of his subscribers-to-views ratio or subscriber gain per view which is probably much higher than the average Youtubers’.

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Making Money on YouTube: How to Use YouTube to Make Money

If you’ve been inspired by ZIAS and are thinking about starting up your own channel to make money, then read this guide. YouTube has became a huge platform for anyone who wants to become famous or just earn some pocket money online. But what does it take to be able to do so? Self-discipline, hard work and patience are the key ingredients required to create a successful YouTube channel.

The first thing you need is your own unique idea; this could be anything from an original game show format, product reviews to cooking tips even beauty tutorials. The best idea is something that you genuinely like to do and believe other people will also enjoy watching. This way if you’re passionate about it, then you’ll find creating your videos less of a chore; instead it will become fun! So what types of video content brands should be making to stand out in such a competitive market?

The Most Profitable Kinds of Videos for Affiliate Marketing

Reaction Videos: By far one of the most popular type of video blog on YouTube for both consumers and individual users alike is reaction videos. These usually consist of a YouTuber (or sometimes you can find multi-person groups) showing their reaction to certain video clips, whether it’s one from a movie, TV show or even an old home video. Another popular type is the “haul” video where the person goes out and talks about all the products they recently purchased and tries them on for their channel viewers.

Hairstyles: Hair is always a big topic of interest. From trying out new hairstyles to simply tips and tricks on how to take care of your hair, this is such an underrated yet potentially lucrative niche for affiliate marketing. It’s not just high-end product brands that can be promoted either; most beauty brands also offer their own range of hair styling products which can help monetize your channel even further! Coupons:  Sites like RetailMeNot  offer access to great savings and coupons from almost any type of store, so why can’t you do the same with videos? If you’re able to find original ways to create coupons and discounts for viewers then go for it as this will definitely boost your views per day.

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