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Tips For Succeeding at a New Job

Are you entering the workforce for the first time or after a long hiatus? Here are some helpful hints to make the experience more pleasant and more successful.

Higher Education and Your Job Prospects

Young people and adults alike are increasingly faced with social, economical and political issues surrounding energy resources and climate change. Therefore, it may be an idea to consider a graduate scheme with an energy supplier where such skills can be put to use.

Competition in Life and Business Doesn’t Exist

What is your outlook on competition in life and business? Competition doesn’t exist for me because…I live in a world of abundance.

The ‘What & Why’ of Digital Media As a Career Option

This time of the year, most of you must be grappling with the dilemma called “What Next?” No wonder, with the host of career options thrown open in front of you, combined by the pressures from peer and family, it has made you more confused and indecisive.

Test Video Games on Your Xbox 360

Video game testers are gamers like me and you with one exception, they get paid to play video games. Would you want to get paid to play video games? Keep reading and I’ll show you what took me from an average gamer to a video game tester.

Your Goals As a Nurse Affect Your Future Decisions

Deciding to become a nurse gives you a lot of opportunities for your future. As with choosing any profession, you may have a certain goal set in your mind beforehand which will guide you in taking the direction you want to take. These goals may be short term, long term or even personal which will affect the decisions you make in your career. It is quite a competitive world out there for nurses so you must not take it slow once you have graduated. You must have thought of the goals that you want to reach once you work as a nurse.

Are You Looking at the “Right Signs” For Your Career?

I look at the importance of evaluating upcoming trends in the marketplace. I summarize the “hot jobs” and also review which are the “decliners” and discuss the reasons why.

Career Change Guide

When you are looking for a career – whether you are choosing a career for the first time or making a switch to a new career – finding a good and reliable career guide can mean the difference between finding a job you like and job you love.

Choosing a Career Guide

Choosing a career seems like an easy decision, doesn’t it? For some people it is. But for others, they need more of a definitive career guide when it comes to choosing a career path they want to travel down.

Step Back, Be Sober and Follow Through

There are many great ideas on how to aggressively push ahead in your business and in your personal life; there are even more ways to mess up your business and personal life. Of the many methods to excel, here are three keys at the top of the success list.

Career Tips – The First Stage – Up to 1919 in Career Counseling History

Career counseling in the U.S. was developed in the latter part of the nineteenth century out of societal upheaval, transition, and change. This new profession was described by historians as a “progressive social reform movement aimed at eradicating poverty and substandard living conditions spawned by the rapid industrialization and consequent migration of people to major urban centers at the turn of the 20th century” (Whiteley, 1984).

Power Words and How to Use Them

Power Words make a difference in the way people perceive who you are. We give you over 350 power words and show you how to use them. Speak professionally and others will respond professionally.

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