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How to Get a Job on a Yacht

I came to Fort Lauderdale in March 2010, stayed in a crew house for 3 days, took my Silver Service Course and before the course was over, had two interviews. One of the interviews turned out to be a temporary to permanent position on a 130 foot Motor Yacht that lead me to later become the Chief Stewardess for 1.5 years.

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile for Job Hunting Success

Nowadays, everyone who will work with you and wants to learn more about you is going to look you up on LinkedIn at some point. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and has more than 250 million members. It is a great resource for job hunters, recruiters, employers and business owners. Therefore, it is important to get your mindset correct about LinkedIn – a well-organized and carefully written profile can open countless opportunities, not only locally, but across the entire world. It is our goal in this article to learn how to create an effective LinkedIn profile page and to point out some techniques that will allow you to stand out and be distinguished among the plurality of profiles.

6 Steps to Effectively Transition Into a New Job

Wouldn’t you agree that transitioning into a new job can be a lot to manage? Your first 90 days is critically important and is all about fitting into the company culture, learning new processes and procedures, and being able to adjust to your new workload. Making a great impression quickly is imperative!

Develop Your Career Competencies

Competencies essentially refer to a collection of characteristics, that enables us to be successful in our interactions with others at work, school, home, and in our community at large. They refer to knowledge, skills, and personal attributes required for outstanding performance in a job, role, or specific business.

How to Love What You Do – For Employees Who Aspire to Love Their Jobs

“Do what you love.” We always hear this piece of advice whenever we raise some concerns about the career paths we are taking. Of course, this is true!

Pseudo-Extroverts in the Workplace

Are you in a leadership position in the workplace or work in an environment where you have to be ‘on’ all of the time? Don’t have the stomach or real personality for it? This article is for you! Personality conflicts and personal style are things that have to be managed on the job. If you are not Type A, you can learn to play one at work and learn to cope with those who are loud and obnoxious, but always seem to have the favor of upper management. Learn to master the pseudo extrovert behavior that you may need to cope in the often over-hyped, aggressive win- at- all- costs work environment.

How to Get a Job Before You Graduate

How many of you know someone who graduated college, but can’t get a job? It’s an unusually common phenomenon, and the solution is simpler than you might think. Learn how to get a job before you graduate.

Stuck in Your Career? If You Are Tired of the Rat Race, Please Look at the Rules of the Race Again

Many of us live our life being in the rat race which is a perspective of looking at life rather than just a manifested competitive spirit. Most do not realise that we are a part of this rat race which can only bring us pain and suffering no matter what we get or achieve in life. It is an insult to our dignity of being a human being.

Stop Ignoring The Most Important Person To Give You Job Search Advice

If you are in the process of making a change in your career – moving up or changing industries – it is natural to do a little research job search strategies, resumes, networking, LinkedIn, interviewing only to quickly discover information overload which leads to analysis-paralysis. Who do you listen to? The one person you have probably been ignoring.

Twelve Things You Can Do to Make Your Work Life More Satisfying Each Year

Month by month, your year comes to a close and if you look back you are most likely not the same in one way or another. Think about it. You are either healthier or “not-as-healthy,” saved more or spent more, learned something new or forgot more than you remember. If you just work and work and feel like a hamster on a wheel, it might be time for some good, old fashion work life planning month-by-month.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: How to Know When You’re Talking Too Much

A person who talks too much, whether they’re in a formal meeting or having a casual conversation, could turn what would otherwise be a friendly interaction into a “hostage situation.” While it’s easy to criticize other people for talking more than they should, it’s a far harder thing to realize or admit when you’re the very type of over-talker you tend to dislike. How do you know when it’s time to quit talking? Ask yourself a few basic questions

Don’t Stand So Close to Me: Personal Space in Business

Personal space is an issue in business. American business has a formula for how close you should be to people at work. Knowing this can help your career.

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