How Much Money Do I Make Working In Policy and Government?

6 Components of a Resume

After months of intense job search, you have finally found something that interests you. Now you are faced with the task of constructing a resume, but you are not sure what to include. Learn about the 6 key components to include in your resume.

How To Prepare Yourself For Changing Jobs

No matter how much we would want to stay forever in a career you love, there will be factors that will eventually change your choice. You might be going after career advancement, and you can’t find yourself going any further in your current job, which is why you try your other options. In some cases, other people might find it difficult because of their colleagues. Although you might try to mend things in order to be able to work better with one another, there are just some individuals who will refuse to cooperate.

The Secret to Moving Forward

When things come along and knock us off our square per se, it is good to have goals because it gives us something to concentrate on. Having goals allows us to have clarity in life and it helps us to gather our time and energy.

Working In An Animal Hospital – A Variety of Opportunities

If you want to work in an animal hospital, you’ve got a variety of unique career opportunities. From providing grooming services, to assisting a vet, there are a number of options.

How to Use the Lost Art of Handwritten Notes to Maintain a Network of Business Associates

Today’s market calls for fast paced business transactions, quick dealing with all interested parties. Time is money. Hustle is rewarded, and waning progress is considered a notch above bankruptcy.

How to Choose a Dental Assisting Program

Not all dental assisting programs are created equal. Understanding the difference between dental assisting programs will help you gain the most from your education and money.

Trade and Education in Hong Kong – Why Is It Good?

Here is a look at some of the statistics at what makes Hong Kong special. Hong Kong isn’t just the place for some great trade but is a place where people love to study as well! Here is a comprehensive look.

I Was Fired – That Triggered My Passion To Assist The Unemployed – 5 Mantras To Help Job Seekers

My passion to assist the unemployed professional men and women happened when I was fired. Two upscale retailers who had been laid-off recruited me to help job seekers find jobs. You can overcome your own limitations to help others find work. This short article gives you five early tips to get you and them started.

How To Build Rapport During Your Job Interview?

“People buy People not Products” is an old sales technique, which can be extremely valuable in the world of Interviewing. You need to make sure that you do not think of yourself as a product that a business will buy and instead consider yourself as a person that if you create the ideal impression someone else will buy.

How to Reorganise Your Working Life While Changing Your Career

Throughout the entire process of a career change, the “transition phase” is what scares people the most, but actually, with a smart approach, this phase can be smooth and highly enjoyable! The reason I am so confident is because of the current working environment. Never before have employers been able to be so flexible. With some boundaries, of course, you can negotiate your working hours, the type of contract, your notice period, etc. This opens up a whole new world of opportunity to those who are currently employed but who are looking to change their careers and need some time to figure it all out.

Labor Union Politics and Free-Market Legislative Tinkering Is Killing Small Business

One big advantage that corporations have over the small business person is their ability to lobby politicians and give huge campaign contributions who in turn keep themselves in power. Of course, the power is reciprocated and the corporation finds itself with new legislatively enhanced tax loopholes, and favorable regulations stacking their deck. The poor little guy or small business can hardly compete with that.

Why Accounting Jobs Are Still In-Demand

The need for accountants is not just a means of providing the best people when the demand for such positions increases over time. Even in today’s economic climate, the need for skilled and experienced accountants is obvious in many sectors.

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