How Much Money Do #Uber Drivers Make? | with PROOF | 2020 Pandemic Edition

A Valuable Guidance on Teaching Jobs and Careers

It is recommended to read the article, as it is a comprehensive guide for people who want to get a teaching job. The write-up gives a complete snapshot of the career, including scope, remuneration and job prospects.

How Much Dress Shirt Cuff Should Show?

When you get dressed in the morning and put on your button cuff or french cuff shirt are you thinking how much of that cuff will show from your suit sleeves? Are you wondering if this is the shirt that is too long or too short? Are your suit jacket sleeves too long where no matter what shirt you wear you can’t see any sleeve cuff showing? How do you remedy this situation once and for all?

A Comprehensive Guide to Your Business Analyst Career

It is a comprehensive guide for people who want to become a business analyst. It includes information on job duties, education and salary.

How to Change Career (Without Leaving Your Job)

Are you really fed up with your job but the thought of leaving it to do something different is WAY too scary? The good news is that you’re not alone! There are dozens of people just like you who would love to change career, but something is holding them back.

What To Do When Your Dream Job Isn’t As You Expected?

A Career Coach describes how one of her clients thought she did everything right and landed her “dream job.” Only the job wasn’t so dreamy. What went wrong?

3 Steps To Overcome Your Fear Of Speaking To An Audience

Most people are less scared of death than they are of speaking in front of an audience! Learn some fabulous techniques in this article that totally take the pressure off you and allow you to present with ease and confidence, whatever the topic.

Looking for a New Job? 3 Steps You Should Take Today!

3 vital steps you can take immediately to be more successful in your job search. There are certain activities that should be done on a daily basis to increase your chances of getting to the first round if interviews. The main thing is to stand out above the crowd! I share a few tips in this article.

7 Shortcuts to Finding Your Ideal Work Environment

Getting a job is one thing, but finding the work environment that will really suit you is something else. When you find the type of job that’s really a match for your talents and personality, you’ll have a better chance of success. You’ll also find it much more satisfying to be an environment that you find hospitable every day, as opposed to feeling like you’re a fish out of water. Here are seven shortcuts to identifying your ideal work situation.

For the Love of Money, Really?

I write about creating wealth, that it’s in everyone’s right to make really good money. I share with you Wealth tracking sheets and inspirational quotes regarding money. I even say I love money… well, what money stands for that is, meaning the good that it can do for others and for yourself.

Do You Have Workaholic Tendencies?

Has your work become an obsession? Do you have a healthy work/life balance? Find out if you have workaholic tendencies and learn the 5 strategies you can implement now to help you regain balance.

Variety, the Spice of a Business Analyst’s Life

Part of the reason why some people still struggle with what it means to be a Business Analyst is because it is a very diverse career by definition. Business Analysis is defined very clearly in the IIBA (R) BABOK (R) guide, and yet, if you read this guide, you will agree that there is enormous scope for a Business Analyst to do a wide variety of things with their careers. So let’s look at some of the aspects that make our careers so diverse and interesting.

7 Steps to Coping With Job Transition

Job transitioning can be stressful. However, it can also be an exciting time to re-evaluate what you really want in your career and how to get there. Take the steps to facilitate a successful and positive job transition.

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