How much money do you make with 13k subscribers, Plus things to help your channel grow faster.

Perfectionism Versus Excellence

“Perfectionists are in trouble and on thin ice. Perfectionism is a burden and a continuous source of stress” -Kevin Leman. Learn how to spot it, and what you can do instead.

Trust At Work

What is more fragile than bone china? Trust. When trust goes out the window, it is sometimes difficult to imagine that there is a common work objective. Low trust feeds the games that people play – finger pointing and blaming, denials, justifications and excuses. Teams stumble. Focus is lost. Best watch your back.

Earn Money Online In Retirement – Crucial First Steps

Working online to make some money can be a good way to top up your main income. It can also pave the way to a brand new career later in life. Make life easier by getting things right from the start.

How to Job Search

This article explains the different options and their benefits of searching for work! From direct approaches to employers to using agencies and job boards.

How Baby Modelling Agencies Help to Ensure Your Baby’s Safety

Baby modelling agencies sometimes goes out of their way to ensure that your baby is safe during a photo shoot. The safety of your child are one a parent’s main concern, this can even become a thorn in the flesh where shoots are performed in an industry that have been reputed to be unsafe in some circumstances. Let’s take a look at how agencies accomplish these safety measures.

6 Questions You Should Ask Baby Modelling Agencies

When you are looking at potential baby modelling agencies for your baby model there is a set of question to ask them that will ensure your baby have a prosperous baby modelling career. 1) Will the agency be able to assist in keeping my baby safe during shoots? Even though no agency can guarantee your child’s safety while you are on a shoot they do take additional safety precautions when they are booking the shoot.

8 Questions You Should Ask Child Modelling Agencies

Everybody knows that child modelling agencies have the knowledge and skills to improve your child’s modelling career. There is however 8 questions you should ask every prospective agency. 1) How does the agency help my child?

Do Child Modelling Agencies Represent Boys and Girls?

The male modelling industry differs a bit from the female one, the criteria for a man to become a star is a bit different for a woman. Is this the same for children and do child modelling agencies take in both boys and girls? The battle of the sexes Because of their smaller world and smaller clothing, the battle between boys and girls is much less prominent that the same battle in their teen and adult counterparts.

Orchestrating For Success Is Scripting For Failure

I just finished reading the book What Alice Forgot by Laine Moriarty. The plot (I promise no spoilers here) revolves around a woman who falls off her bike in a spin class knocking herself unconscious. When she comes to she has forgotten the last ten years of her life. The meat of the book is revealed as she discovers who she has become over those forgotten ten years from the perspective of a much younger her. So what does this have to do with careers? Well, Alice, the title character, reminds me (I suspect she will you, too) of many moms I have encountered with increasing frequency over the last thirty years. These are women who see their role as mother as a job to perfect and their company’s product is their children. Success is measured by the schools to which the gain admission and the jobs they land upon graduation. The goal of success is not the problem; it is the belief that success can be orchestrated by creating a resume of the right activities and the damage that does to the creativity, independence, and soul of the children.

Spending Too Much Time Repeating Yourself Is a Waste of Time and Energy

Unless there is a physiological problem, everyone has the ability to speak in different volume levels. My complaint with the soft-spoken is that they do not speak at a normal volume level. Notice what I just said. NORMAL. If you are soft-spoken, then you do not speak in a normal level of sound. There, I said it and I will say it again. Normal means that others can hear you in most situations.

7 Tips to Improve Your Presence, Impact and Influence

Read these excellent tips for improving your presence, impact and influence in the workplace. Includes guest tips from Merryn Myatt and Gail Morgan.

Self-Sabotage or Seeking Perfection – Why We Do It and Can We Stop?

Self sabotage is when we say we want something then we make sure it doesn’t happen. It is the thing we do that holds us back and keeps us from being our best self.

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