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6 Must Know Tips to Navigating Your Career

Stalled in your career? Learn how to get it moving forward again.

A Look at Why Hong Kong Is Special

Here is a look at Hong Kong. The place is still going strong financially and is seeing a rapid increase in trade. A look at some of the statistics confirm why Hong Kong is still a good place to start business.

Hate Your Job?

Let’s face it. Many employees have at one time or another dealt with disliking their job. Here are a few tips to help you through a tough job transition.

My Very First Job In Corporate America – Hard Lessons Learned

The career world journey is quite an experience. I invite you to go back with me to my very first job in the corporate world as I share with you what I’ve learned throughout my experience.

Restless Candidate Syndrome

It’s difficult for candidates to understand the process of interviewing if it’s clearly not communicated by the employment recruiter they are working with. Recruiters must also understand the interviewing process can be arduous and can take time. They must be willing to be patient.

The Story of “Down in the Dumps Don” and Why Your Perfect Job May Not Be A Perfect Fit For You

Are you sure you have the job that is right for you? This article will tell the story of a real person with the career more suited to his personality, motivations, and behaviors!

How to Find Reputable Writing Services

With so many people out of work and vying for any available positions, many are tweaking their resumes on their own, executives included. For some, cleaning up an old resume is easy to do. For others, they prefer to have professional resume writers do the work for them.

What Employers Are Looking For?

What Employers Are Looking For? Are you able to do the job? When it comes to applying for and gaining that interview, the person doing the interview, or the employer, will want to know if you can do the job you are trying to get.

Seven Critical Attributes of a Medical Professional

When it comes to people entering the medical field, most of the time it is because they want to help others. Although the money is good, those who enter this field are in it for the feeling they get of helping others as well as just the plain old fact of helping people out. Here are 7 attributes of a medical professional.

4 Reasons Why You Should Change Jobs

In the current economic climate, it can be very risky to change jobs. However, in certain circumstances, doing so can be very beneficial! In this article we will look at four major reasons you should start considering looking for a new role.

Using Your Second Opportunity Wisely

We all need to be employed, or have some kind of business. This will come in handy, because we will need to earn money. Everyone aims to have financial stability, especially when there are children involved. However, although you might have a good paying job, it does not necessarily mean that you are happy doing it every day. It is important that you choose a job that will not only be good for your bank account, but for your lifestyle as well.

How to Use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to Land Your Dream Job

More job seekers around the world are using social media to gain employment, but the savvier are deploying a unique mix of tools to be ahead of the professional pack. According to a recent study on the intersection of social media and employment, social media are becoming salient tools in candidates’ search quivers. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are still atop social networks used for employment purposes, but Google+ and other emerging social networks also are gaining prominence.

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