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YOU Can Earn At Home

Are you like the millions of people around the world who want an income they earn at home? This freedom and personal control of their financial situations seems to be one of the greatest desires mankind has.

What Is Dental Laboratory Technician?

Dental prosthetics is a skill that can only be acquired after years of focused practice. After sufficient experience, when one masters these skills, he is called a Dental laboratory technician or dental technician.

Free Press Releases – 3 Reasons to Use Them to Market Your Freelance Writing Business

Obviously, a press release is designed to capture the attention of the media. But, that’s not the overriding reasons freelance writers should use them. I’ve been freelancing since 1993, and think that there are three better reasons to use this form of marketing to land writing jobs.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Tracking – How Do Pharmaceutical Companies Do It

To clarify some of the myths concerning pharmaceutical sales representatives being tracked by their companies, this article with illustrate what actually takes place at the corporate level. One of those myths has been about the pharmaceutical industry being able to track representative’s time in and out of the field. Some other myths surround GPS in laptops or cars. This information is the most accurate and easy for you to understand and follow.

Reach Your Career Goal by Using the Power of Your Mind

What you think can determine a great deal of your job search or career change success. Become aware of your power to control those thoughts and watch your self confidence soar. Read Napoleon Hill’s proven process to create or increase your self confidence.

Transferring From Litigation to In-House and General Counsel – 3 Tips for Corporate Success

So you’ve been an associate and now you’re looking to make the transition to in-house or general counsel? Whether you’re an associate or partner at an AMLAW 100 or work for yourself (or somewhere in the middle) making the transition can be difficult, but rewarding!

Lawyers – You Can Change Your Career?

Lawyers seeking alternative jobs outside of law often face obstacles in making the transition. Lawyers are very well trained professionals with wide ranging skills. With these assets they can do many things and they should believe it and act on it.

Dental Technicians in Private Practice

Although there are several types of locations where a dental technician may be employed such as in manufacturing laboratories, government positions, dental clinics or private practice, working in ‘private practice’ may mean different things to different people. Most often, when referring to a dental technician in private practice, it is referring to an individual who has set up a business to manufacture dental prosthetics for dentists, most often on a local level.

Part Time MBA – Is A Graduate School Program Really Worth It?

Part Time MBAs are tough to juggle and definitely have their own set of pros and cons. If you’re considering this graduate school program, you’ll want to gain a full understanding of your options before applying to an MBA school.

Find Dental Technician Jobs in a New Location

One of the worst parts about moving to a new place has to be looking for a new job. This can be quite chaotic, especially for someone who had been employed with the same company for a long period of time, prior to moving. Not only will there be things like registering the children in school, setting up new services, such as cable and internet, adjusting to a new neighborhood, but on top of all of that, looking for work. This is perhaps one of the reasons people do not enjoy moving very much.

Earn Extra Cash at Xmas

If you want to earn more money this Christmas you may wish to consider getting an additional job. Christmas time is a great time to get an additional job as their are various options available.

7 Questions to Ask During a Medical Transcription Job Interview

As I browse the sites I belong to, I see so many people applying for and interviewing for medical transcription positions. With so many looking for positions, it’s important that your interview be one that stands out in the mind of the recruiter.

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