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Career Coaching: Is It a Good Idea to Take a New Career Path?

When it comes to a career it can very difficult to know what lies ahead. For many different reasons people can find themselves at a life changing crossroads. This is where career coaching steps in to help.

Do You Know The POWER Secret Used By Everyone Who Is A Mega-Success?

“Every single person who is super successful always says that following your bliss or following your passion is the way for you to be the most successful and empowered person.” ~ Oprah Winfrey Do you count yourself among the “super successful”?

5 Tips To Beat Procrastination

The 40-hour work week is quickly becoming a 45-50 hour work week, which in itself can cause a lack of motivation. Procrastination has a snowball effect, and very quickly one discombobulated day, turns into several days and then into weeks.

4 Reasons to Enroll For Fashion Stylist Courses

Most people believe that the fashion world is all about glamour; however, the truth is that to make celebrities look glamorous, fashion stylists have to put in hard work. The job of a fashion stylist is definitely rewarding and has many perks however, to get a job has a stylist, one has to be certified and get accredited. Listed below are 4 reasons you should enroll for fashion stylist courses and some facts about these courses.

Top 5 Factors That Effect Paralegal Salaries

There are so many variables involved in a paralegal salary that it’s almost impossible to pin down an exact range. The median starting salary is currently in the area of $43,000 a year but that’s just an average. Choose a paralegal career because you saw someone on TV who makes $100,000 a year and you’re probably going to be disappointed, at least in the beginning.

A Day In The Life of An Online Job-Seeker

The process of searching for a job has changed dramatically in recent years. The popularity and usability of the internet has allowed many people to conduct almost all of their job search online. Long gone are the days of scanning and circling the want ads on Sunday.

Your Job Just Got Easier

Sadly, most people take most of their lessons from what others are doing. Most of those lessons are more on the lines of what NOT to do. If you take any time at all to pay attention to what is going on around you… you will know exactly what NOT to do.

There Are Many Health Care Careers To Choose From

Are you interested in health care careers, but you simply just don’t want to be a doctor? You’re not alone. Before you begin a health care career, you should take some time and go over all your options and try to find the best fit for you.

Clean Energy Initiatives Could Produce Record Numbers of Environmental Jobs

More now than in recent history, this election year is bringing a lot of promises, plans and rhetoric together to try and give direction to a country that needs a financial and emotional boost. The United States is coming out of one the worst recessions we have seen (and probably will see in our lifetimes). Unemployment remains high, jobs are being created but not fast enough to equal demand, and the housing market remains near its lowest levels.

Who Could Benefit From a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistant is a perfect worker that will help you establish a positive and strong first impression. The virtual assistant can also help companies appear like a professional and well-staffed organization.

Legal Recruiting: How to Explain Bad Grades

One question I get frequently during the recruiting season is, “How can I explain to interviewers why my grades aren’t very good?” While it’s true that you can’t change your grades, how you explain less-than-stellar grades can be the difference between a call-back interview and, well, nothing at all.

Junk Hauling Is Arguably the Best Small Business to Start

There are a lot of reasons why getting trash out for cash is a great idea. Here are a couple reasons you might not have thought of.

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