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Convert Energy Into Results

You must get off you butt and start doing something. You must get results. Convert and make sure you get results every day.

Choosing Your Career – How to Be Selfish and Benefit Everybody

Choosing your career can be a stressful business. Young people are forced into choices when they’ve had little chance to experience much of anything. I would like to propose a self-centred approach to career choice.

How to Survive The Company Christmas Party

The company Christmas party is a great annual event and the ideal opportunity for colleagues to relax, have some fun and get to know each other outside of the work environment. However, careers have been ruined by inappropriate behaviour at an office Christmas party, so here are a few tips to make sure both your reputation and career prospects are still in tact after the festive season is over.

How Do You Ask for a Raise?

Why do we work? We all work for money and there is nothing wrong with that. Of course there are many more reasons for working, but at the end of the day it is because someone will pay us for our efforts. There is also a natural expectation that not only will you be compensated for your contribution to the business, but at some time during your tenure your employer will give you a raise. But, what do you do if your employer has not given you a raise for two, three, or even more years? What can you do to get more money?

Job Seeking Letter – How to Write It

One of the important ways to get a job is to send an application for the job as this application is reflecting your personality. You must be aware of the method of writing a good Job Seeking Letter.

12 Critical Components for Success, Both in Business and in Life

One of my blog readers asked me the following question: “Trying to make money online. Any tips or tricks?” This was my answer.

How to Prepare for a Hedge Fund Designation Program

Preparing for a hedge fund designation program can be difficult. In order to be best prepared to complete a hedge fund certification you should follow the steps outlined in this article.

Why Complete An Online Hedge Fund Certification?

You may be asking yourself, why should I complete an online hedge fund certification? Online hedge fund certification programs give you several benefits, allowing you to complete the training from the comfort of your home and gain resources you might not receive otherwise.

Why Complete A Hedge Fund Internship Program?

Internships are often overlooked and sometimes for good reason. An internship does not always yield the benefits one assumes it would (i.e. a job). So you may be wondering, “Why Complete A Hedge Fund Internship Program?”

Hedge Fund Certification – Why Earn One?

The following answers a question asking why one should earn a hedge fund certification? In this article, I will explain several reasons why earning a hedge fund certification could be a valuable career decision.

How a Gap Year Can Help Graduates Find a Job

With reports claiming there are now 70 graduates for every available position, a focus on how your CV and life experiences can single you out from the crowd is essential. Gap year applications have shot up this year, and employers appreciate that gap year students can add knowledge and skills to their repertoire that can be valuable in the workplace.

Make Your Mark – Find Your Unique Value Proposition To Reignite Your Professional Passion

I got it wrong. For 15 years I got it wrong. During that time as a recruiter I saw many candidates walk into my office with a common complaint. “I’m just not happy,” they would tell me. “I’ve lost my passion (assuming they ever had it) for what I’m doing and I need to find another job.”

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