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Why Do All Resumes and CV Examples Appear to Look the Same?

If you are anything like me, you will have probably looked for examples of how to write a good Resume or CV on the internet, do you agree they all look very similar? So if the countless uploaded video tutorials and blogs all look the same… how are you going to get noticed with your job application?

4 Mistakes Salespeople Make With Their CV and Resume

Your CV or Resume looks like all the others Have a quick glance at any company offering you advice on how to write a CV or Resume and would you agree they all have the same appearance? It does not take a mind reader to know that the top half of your CV will contain your address details, your personal details, your profile, your objective and perhaps the start of your work history. This is because all CV’s and Resumes are almost identical.

Why Your Soft Spoken Voice Wastes Your Time and Theirs

There is only one problem with being soft-spoken. It is that you are constantly being asked to repeat yourself. And, if it happens often enough, your listeners will stop listening or interrupt you and take over the conversation.

Mental Health Nursing Jobs Available

It’s been estimated that up to one in three people may suffer from some sort of mental illness at some time in their lives. Discover more about the nurses who care for mental health issues.

How to Increase Your Influencing Skills

When someone wields influence, or is able to effectively persuade others, it is a powerful skill. The ability to influence others allows us to be heard, effect change, manage and lead more effectively, and ultimately get us more directly to what we want out of work and life.

Careers in Marketing – Preferable or Not

Marketing can be defined in many ways according to a number of scholars. In a general sense it involves all the activities which require selling your product to customers. Careers in marketing are very challenging as marketing is such a profession which is not constant at all unlike other professions.

How to Get That Valuable Work Experience While You’re Still In School

These days it has become important for college students to be on the lookout for opportunities that help them gaining some experience which could impress their prospective employers who interview them for job openings. They should be looking for jobs that could ultimately relate to their profession.

Communication Can Enhance Your Career

Every line of work can benefit from a workforce that knows how to communicate clearly and effectively. A free and comprehensible flow of information among colleagues, across departments, and between customers and companies leads to optimal productivity and profitability. Conversely poor communication diminishes competitiveness and quality of service.

How to Get Your Dream Job Using the Power of Online Recruitment

All over the world, the latest trend is to recruit people online. That’s because employers find it relatively easier to look for employees by advertizing their job openings on well known job boards.

Are You Utilizing Your “IT Factor”?

Our “It Factor” is an amazing thing. When it’s utilized our true greatness comes right to the forefront. We unlock a complete new treasure of ability and our lives are forever changed.

Careers And Jobs: 4 Essential Tips To Help You Succeed In Your Current Employment

Wondering how you can succeed in your careers and jobs? Find out how by reading this article.

Job Opportunities: 3 Things That You Must Know When Planning To Work In A Call Center

One of the popular job opportunities available for many individuals is to work in a call center. Although it offers satisfactory salary, there are things that you must be aware of that make this job unappealing.

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