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7 Tips To Negotiate A Better Salary

Many candidates avoid salary negotiation with their prospective employer in the fear that they will lose the job offer in hand. But did you know, salary negotiation is an important aspect of an interview process and many employers do expect candidates to negotiate? Find out the 7 tips that will help you as a candidate to get the salary package of your dreams.

How to Become a Qualified Electrician in the UK

It is important to note that although businesses and households will always require electricians, the industry is far from “recession proof”. In the past few years there have been considerable cut-backs in the number of approved construction and manufacturing projects, which of course effects the electrical engineering sector. Recruitment consultants who work in the electrical engineering industry have reported that they receive hundreds of applications for each available job.

The Elements Of Interview Sucees – Tip 1: Dress To Impress

Your carefully crafted CV is what landed you the interview, but once you walk in the door of a prospective employer’s office, you can no longer rely on just your list of specialised skills or impressive work experience. In part 1 of this series, we offer top tips on how to dress for success so you do yourself justice.

How To Find Yourself A New Career

In the past couple of years, the economies of the world have been changing significantly due to different types of issues that have arisen. These issues have forced a lot of people to lose their jobs. Indeed there are certain fields that have been affected in such a way that the workforce needed to get the job done is much smaller when compared to previous years.

Seven Basic Rules Of Networking For A Job

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, about 5 percent of job seekers obtain jobs through the open job market which consists of help wanted ads, the internet and print publications. Following some simple rules of networking can make a big difference. learn about them here.

Health Information Management: An Auspicious Career Path

One of the essentials components of the health care system is health information management (HIM). It is the practice of acquiring, organizing, and maintaining of both traditional/paper-based and electronic medical records to ensure the highest quality of health care service. These medical records may be taken by hand or on a computer, and can either be stored in a filing system or computer database. Either way, data must be stored and managed efficiently to guarantee the excellence in patient care. This industry is also dedicated in evaluating the information and coordinating with physicians to ensure that patients are treated properly, administered with the appropriate medication, and discharged or retained as needed.

ADD/ADHD and Midlife Career Change

Going through a midlife career change is tough enough. Having ADD and going through a midlife career change can be a lot tougher. ADD can make both the process of deciding on a new career and the actual choice of career more difficult. The process of discovering what the right new career is for you requires a fair amount of organization. You need to know the steps in the process. You need to have a plan about how you are going to follow those steps. You need to keep track of where you are. When you start doing research, you need to have that well organized.

Going Digital – A Brief Introduction to the IT Job Market

The UK is gripped by a recession. It seems like every single business sector or industry is suffering in the tough economic climate. Well, every sector except one. The IT sector is still growing year on year, as businesses embrace new technology and methods to cut overheads and improve efficiency.

Can DVDs Really Help to Find Career Pathways?

The students on the verge of deciding a source of livelihood are often faced with confusion to choose what suits them best. It is difficult for many to decide something right when they are faced with several options. Is it possible to provide the right guide on the right time?

Lost and Found at Work

Whether you’d like to get noticed by your boss, a recruiter, or the head of that department in which you’ve always wanted to work, just hoping that a spotlight will appear over your head, bathing you in glowing light at the moment a great opportunity becomes available, well, it’s probably not the best tactic. You’ll probably end up sitting for a long time in the dark. So what can you do to attract some well-deserved attention your way? Several things, but before we go there, you need to do a bit of homework.

The Idiographer’s Guide to Job Change Done Naturally and Effortlessly

Have you ever taken an assessment through school or work? Some of these tools are self-assessment, and others need to be administered by a professional.

The Best College Majors to Become a Police Officer (They’re Different Than You’d Think)

Many don’t understand what is required to become a police officer. This article helps to explain what police departments look for in potential candidates and how different college majors play a role in that.

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