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Are Sustainable Jobs Here to Stay?

Sustainable jobs will not only strengthen the global economy but also provide new skills to many. These skills in turn will help minimize the damage being caused to the environment.

10 Motivational Tips For the Unemployed

When you are unemployed you need to keep to a routine. You need to see friends, exercise and dress neatly. Your self esteem will suffer if you let yourself go. Try these ten tips to stay positive.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Get an Internship in Sports?

These are the top 3 qualifications that you need to get a good internship in the world of sports. Out of 15 internships with different teams from different sports I have broke down the top 3 qualifications that they all look for.

Travel Nursing Careers – How to Start a Career As a Traveling Nurse

What travel nursing careers are out there and available? What is out there for a nurse who is interested in traveling? Read on to learn a lot more about your options and what is available.

Interview Thank You Letters – How To’s

Interview thank you letter “How To’s” just may get you your next job. Are you confused about what to write? When or should you even send a thank you note? To whom your note should be directed.

Does Your Company Do Employee Reviews?

When was your last employee review? Now, I’m not talking about some pat on the back for a job well done, or a passive aggressive comment from your boss at the water cooler, I’m talking about a sit down, face-to-face, knock-down, drag-out, employee review. I doubt it was anytime soon.

How to Set Up a Successful Job Search File

This article will give individuals seeking employment a step by step plan to building a job search file. A job search file will save time and energy when updating your resume. A complete job search file will assist in preparing for an interview.

Is Your Body Secretly Sabotaging Your Job Interviews?

Times are tough all over and a lot of workers are out pounding the pavement looking for their next position. For some of you it may have been a long time since you last had to do an interview – you are much more used to being on the other side of the table doing the interviewing. Well guess what – no matter how well you prepare, your best efforts may be undone by what your body is secretly telling the interviewer…

Certified Nursing Assistant CNA Job Description

Certified nursing assistants are the front line medical staff, those caring men and women who bathe, dress, feed and do so much more for the patients in their care. Although that may be the technical CNA job description, for the medical staff and patients, it hardly scratches the surface of what these professionals do each and every day. Learn more about CNA careers.

How to Turn the Loss of Your Job Into a Blessing

Sometimes life just isn’t fair. Like it or not this is a fact. When handed a lousy situation we all have to make a choice. Losing a job for whatever reason is not easy. We all must work at something in life.

Why Nursing Agencies Are in Demand?

Today, more and more people are worried as to the negative impact of nursing shortage on health care sectors. Understaffing of hospitals and nursing homes is putting the life of our loved ones into jeopardy.

Be the Next Big Entrepreneur With a Nursing Agency Business

Business opportunities are everywhere. You just have to identify them. You didn’t know it’s just in front of you. It’s just waiting for you to be discovered. Who knows you are born to be the next big entrepreneur?

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