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Getting Ahead in Your Profession

If you are someone who has been struggling in your field for a while, you might be looking for what a career counselor can tell you, and a career counselor might tell you that it is time to move forward! There is a lot of career advice out there and when you are thinking about a career change, the career advice that you hear can vary a great deal.

The Perfect Business – It’s the Ideal Start-Up – No Overhead

Many people go into business for themselves with eyes wide open and pockets nearly empty. The cost of doing business is extremely high these days. It is not unusual to invest fifty to a hundred thousand dollars and more just to open the doors. Some businesses require a whole lot more.

Importance of Communication Skills in Sales

Are you someone who wants to make a splash in sales careers? Do you like the idea of moving forward and making sure that you can have the pick of the sales jobs that you are out there? The problem is that so many of the people who are looking to get sales careers today simply do not have the skills to do it. However, the important thing to remember is that skills can be learned and the more time that you spend looking into the entire situation, you will find that communication skills are among the most important that you have to learn. Take some time and make sure that you consider what your needs are and how you can learn the communication that you need.

Is Now a Good Time to Become a Realtor?

If you are an individual who is looking to get into the Real Estate business, you have probably asked yourself a hundred times, if NOW is a good time to become a licensed Realtor. You initial answer is probably NO, but if you asked any licensed broker, they would probably tell you different.

Get Sick, Lose Your Job?

Someone who has a cold or a flu bug once or twice a year can generally get by without having to worry about job security because of their illness. However, those employees who have chronic illnesses and miss a lot of work could be significantly impacted by this issue. Studies have shown that about one-quarter of the people with chronic illness that are on sick leave end up losing their jobs in the future, and that their sick leave definitely factors into that loss of employment.

Creative Ways to Attracting Top IT Professionals That Make a True Difference

There is a battle brewing out there. Everyday companies are looking to hire top IT professionals that can make a true difference. Here are some proven ideas for attracting top IT Professionals.

I Don’t Feel Confident Facing My Boss – Why?

You feel that you are not confident facing your boss at work. Why is that so? Why are you uneasy when facing them? You feel inferior in front of him – but why? You are afraid to make mistakes – but what mistakes exactly? The strange thing is you do not question yourself about it. Instead, you choose to hide from him in the office.

Back To Work In 2009? Go For It!

I won’t use the ‘R’ word, or the ‘CC’ words! We are currently hearing far too much doom and gloom: let’s face it, life is all about highs and lows, enabling us to appreciate the good times and get through the bad times, knowing that good times will return! Lesson over! This is most definitely a time when many mothers who, not so long ago, maybe didn’t need to work, now do.

Career and Job Planning

Each individual is responsible for building his or her own career. In this ever-changing world, everyone is looking for new ways to earn living. The purpose of career and job planning is to develop strategic plan based on one’s talents, aspirations and background, leading to a happy personal and professional life.

How to Negotiate For a Raise – Even in a Bad Economy

Be honest: have you ever wanted a raise at work, but were too afraid to ask for one – or uncertain as to how to get it? When it comes to the workplace, one of the least favorite tasks facing workers is asking for a raise, especially these days. I know there are some onerous bosses out there, and I realize, of course, that we’re all dealing with tighter budgets. But the truth of the matter is: if you’re cash-strapped, the simple act of walking into your boss’s office and getting a raise could be just the thing you need to boost your finances in this shaky economy.

Surgical Technician – A Rewarding Career Option in the Health Care Industry

A surgical technician is a trained professional who plays a very vital role to any undergoing surgery. Though there may be slight variation in the role of a technician depending upon the different medical facilities within the United States.

Fancy Corporate Job Not Making You Happy? Guess What, it Never Will!

I spent over 12 years of my life as an indentured servant in Corporate America. It wasn’t until four years ago that I was able to break free and finally start “living” my life. Instead of living for everyone else, I started living for me (and my 3 kids) and now I am the happiest I have ever been. My only regret is that I didn’t figure out sooner that Corporate America was like a death trap.

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