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How to Go From Administrative Assistant to Virtual Assistant

3 Tips for Changing from Administrative Assistant to Virtual Assistant. Software, Attitudes and Entrepreneurship.

Plagued by Self-Doubt? Six Easy Fixes for the Faint of Heart

LET VENUS TRAP YOU – Think about it: if a mere plant can communicate with its own cells, what’s preventing you-a sentient human being-from telling your mind to move forward, to overcome doubt, to take confidence in your choices. In an article titled, “Venus Flytrap, a Plant That Can Count” (Sciencetake, February 1, 2016),” author James Gorman provides yet another example of guidelines available to those with a biomimicreed. Researchers have found the Venus fly trap, although it doesn’t even have a nervous system, can actually transmit electric pulses created by the movement of trigger hairs on its leaves.

10 Ideas for Working With Passion and Purpose

In this article, the reader will gain an understanding for what it means to work with passion and purpose. By explaining 10 ideas from a specific TedX speech, the reader will walk away with action items for doing work they are passionate about.

Stalled in Your Career? Learn to Feather Your Metaphoric Nest

BACKGROUND – Many years ago, while teaching a management class in a corporate setting, I was asked for advice to a common problem. The student, an ambitious young man, felt that others were taking credit for his good ideas and their successful implements. He told me he wished he could say to his bosses, “Those feathers in your tail were plucked out of my head.

What You Look Good In, So You Can Achieve Success

“You don’t know what you don’t know” applies to your image. You need to discover the colors, styles and accessories that enable you to look powerful, credible, successful and businesslike. When you dress to impress, you will achieve success as well as happiness.

Property Management 101 – Dress For Success

As specialists in our field, we are expected to dress appropriately in business attire while in the work place or while representing our company outside of the office. Our clients make decisions about the quality of our products and services based on our presentation as a team.

How To Become A Firefighter – Step by Step

A lot of people grow up dreaming of becoming a firefighter. Usually those dreams disappear as they get older, but for some when they grow up and begin to choose a career they still want nothing more than to become one of those local heroes. There are certain classes and certificates one needs to take and receive before applying for a full-time career firefighter position.

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Promoted at Work

Learn tips on how to break out of stagnancy and get promoted over and over again at work. Go from ‘genius zombie’ to ‘genius fire-cracker’. Don’t stay in the pool and get lost in a sea of faces, step up and become memorable.

How to Get Out of Unemployment – Bridging the Gap Between What You Were Taught and Practice

This article, focusing on on skills gaps between graduate study and on-the-job requirements, outlines by using examples, the skills needed by job seekers and ways these skills can be acquired. It focuses on Human Resources Jobs.

The Best Job In The World – Firefighter

Everyone grows up wondering what they want to be, what career path they want to choose. What hours do I want to work? What niche can I make myself focus on everyday? What kind of people do I want to work 9-5 with?

Three Ways to Release Your Inner Rebel to Create World Change

The one thing that comes up in my life and my client’s life again and again is fear. Let me teach you how to conquer that fear, release your inner rebel, and create a massive income in this week’s post.

Want to Get Ahead? Swim Like a Shark

There much to be learned from nature. This article provides three “natural” lessons, as well as inspiration from renowned leaders and a way to hone leadership skills.

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