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Five Key Skills to Develop For Decision Making

There are five key factors that are essential to today’s decision making: intuition, flexibility, initiative, creativity, adaptability. All strategic decisions in the executive arena require a degree of adaptability to changing events both inside and outside the company.

Walking the “Brilliance” Versus “Balance” Tightrope

In this age of scientific management, there is a significant increase in concern for the credentials of middle-management executives. Many successful companies, when hiring middle-management people, desire a Masters degree for the people hired for general administrative roles, and often a Ph.D. for specialty areas such as economic analysis, management development, long-range planning…

3 Keys to Adjust Your Career Search to the Tough Economy

There’s gloom and doom everywhere regarding the economy, especially in the media. This can make it especially difficult to focus on conducting an effective job search . Let’s be real – the economy will have an effect on your career search. It is tougher to find jobs, but not everything is as bad as the media makes it out to be. There ARE jobs out there and there ARE opportunities for you.

Stay Safe With Recession Proof Jobs

Everybody is aware of the fact that the financial system is in great mess. Financial experts discuss each day to determine whether we are in financial crisis or are only headed towards that direction.

Activity Jobs on Cruise Ships

One good way to see the world without spending any money, and even earn on the process, is to work on a cruise ship. A cruise ship is like a small society that is full of people from different cultures and countries. One of the needed item on a ship to make it function well is a reliable staff and crew. And if you would like to be a part of that society, there is no other better job on a cruise ship than those jobs in the activities department.

Getting Ahead Through Positive Relationships With Colleagues

It’s almost unAmerican to think that you could get an in-house promotion by being nice to your peers. This article subscribes to the John Maxwell approach, that is, to get ahead by completing your peers, not competing with them. In today’s complex organizations, the ability to be a good team member sends the strongest signal that you are someone who can get things done, a true leader worthy of greater responsibility.

Career Opportunities in the Medical Field

This article discusses some of the careers that students may want to consider when planning their future. It is important to learn about as many different options as possible and look research to find out what fields need additional people and which ones have too many in looking in the job market.

What is Your Current Market Value?

Unless you are out in the market place again, looking for another job you may not be clearly aware of your market value. If you have been working for one company for a few years you may not be required to pass tests to monitor the progress of your knowledge and skills.

Make Money As a Mortgage Lender

A Mortgage Lender is a person who lends or gives credit by receiving a surety as a security. Mortgage business is one of the safest businesses. There are few key strategies to become a successful Mortgage Lender.

Unemployed! Crisis Or Opportunity?

Many things in life are stressful and I’d have to say that being unemployed is high on the list of stressful events one can experience in their lifetime. It’s increasingly common in the current economy and it can affect anyone. These tips will help you focus and keep a positive attitude.

Developing “People Smarts”

Whom would you rather work with: a smart person who’s emotionally unstable, or a smart person who is on an even keel? There’s really no doubt, is there? Intuitively, we know who succeeds in business and why. Now we have the facts to back it up.

Different Types of Interview Questions

Interview questions are designed to rate the skills and personality of a job applicant. There are different types of interview questions which aim to measure the qualifications of an applicant. Learn more on the different types of interview questions.

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