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Time to Change Construction Jobs?

Do you feel the time has come when you have achieved all you can in your current construction job? Perhaps you feel under-appreciated in your present role and are on the lookout for a new job. Whatever your reasons for seeking a new challenge, there are right and wrong ways of going about finding a new construction job.

Get A Job!

In these times, it is amazing the number of people, with a little age, who are in need of a job. The question is why? Some will say it is the fault of someone else. The plant closed down. The owner sold his business. The owner made too many bad business decisions. Whatever your reason, it does not change your situation.

Career Advice – 13 Steps to Help Secure Your Job

There may be forces at work beyond your control that can disrupt your career path and put your job at risk, but there are at least 13 steps you can take to help secure your employment and advance you toward your career goals. Come to work early and stay late.

Faster Than Average Growth of Accountant and Auditor Jobs

Despite their different names, accountants and auditors generally share the same job responsibilities. First of all, they input company expenses and returns on a daily basis. They also examine monthly expense accounts, staying attuned to any operations that are costing the company too much money. Furthermore, during tax season, they fill out state and federal tax returns. They also consult with other managers on company expenses and outline new cost-cutting budget plans.

5 Ways to Keep Your Job in a Recession

We are all at risk of losing our job in this recession and any day you could lose your job. In this article, I’ll share with you 6 great ways to keep your job in the recession.

Re-Think How You Job Hunt – The Best Match Does Not Always Win the Job

Perfect match does not always equal the perfect employee. Not all recruiters are seeking an exact match between potential employees ‘skill sets’ and those advertised in the job description. Many companies prefer to recruit based on ‘potential’ as opposed to ‘performance’. The reason is that staff turnover is lower for those recruited into positions for which they need to ‘grow’.

Job Hunting – Days 9 Through 12

A step by step process and this focuses on days 9 through 12 of an intensive process to get people focused on the job search. 9th Day. So far we have written a resume, developed our marketing pitches and constructed a networking list, moving forward we are now going to start building our target company lists and add some other items to the mix including cover letters and some general tips.

Changing Careers – It is Easier Than it Seems

What is holding you back from changing careers? Is your proposed career financially feasible? Will your employer help? Learn simple ways to get the ball rolling, evaluate your chosen career and turn your idea into action.

Entry Level Occupation – Finding the Perfect Career Job For You

There is not such thing as a best entry level job for all. This is because career opportunities are as wide and varied as are the individuals seeking to fill them. Also, because we have different career desires, Job skills and educational profiles, what is perfect entry level occupation for me may not necessarily be best for you.

New Teacher Tips – How to Become a Good Teacher

I always say that experience is the best teacher. Unfortunately, experience in the classroom works in odd ways for each individual teacher. The success of my personal journey was all about a series of ups and downs.

Start a New Career by Taking Massage Lessons

Massage therapy is an honorable profession by and large. People can enjoy a massage firstly because it can be very soothing and it can also be healthy giving. Massaging people who have suffered injury in car accidents or even in active combat for their country is a very worthwhile experience.

The Mental Chaos of Job Loss – Time For Self-Reflection and Exploration

Before you jump right back in to the job market, now is the time to do some self-reflection and exploration. Unless you absolutely loved what you did, and can’t imagine doing anything else for the rest of your life, this can be the most exciting and revealing part of your job search. There are five key steps to this process.

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