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How To Know When It’s Time To Walk Away From A Job In The Construction Industry

As a professional, it’s difficult to know when its time to walk away from a job, especially in the construction industry. The reasons must be compelling enough to give up the income and security of your current position. If you are struggling to know definitively whether or not to look for a new position, there are some signs that the consequences may be too high not to.

How to Grow Confidence in the Workplace?

Do you truly believe that confidence happens to be a crucial element in helping you reach your real potential. Well without confidence can you even dream of realizing the things you aspire to achieve. This comes in the shape of a little something that you cannot afford to hold back if success is what you are after.

You Have a Bad Boss – Here Are 3 Ways to Deal

This article provides 3 ways to deal with a bad boss – find out how to survive and thrive with a bad boss. Why are employees disengaged? Because of bad leadership, bureaucracy and blaming. Employees are hungry for inspirational leadership – for a reason to get up and go to work.

Company Culture Is Key

Millennials are a “team oriented generation” so it’s important for them to feel connected. This new generation values building solid relationships with their peers and this includes the people they work with. They’re not the type to embrace a typical 9 to 5 job like their parents did.

Four Tips for Graduates Who Want to Clarify Their Career Direction

Graduation season is here. Are you one of those grads who will be celebrating the completion of your degree while simultaneously dreading the inevitable question “What are you doing after graduation?” Do you feel overwhelmed and confused about how to move forward in the work world?

When Does a Job Become a Career?

There seems to be an uncertainty about when a job becomes a career. I have coached my clients to develop a different viewpoint and look at jobs from the perspective of how those employment opportunities are contributing to a career plan. When someone is able to change how they view their career, along with the jobs they have held, they are able to transform their attitude and self-belief, becoming a much stronger job candidate regardless of the number of available opportunities.

Getting to Know You Before You Can Interview

Let’s face it, interviewing for a job is a selling game. Before you can play the game, you need to uncover your unique skills and abilities in order to show interviewers why you’re a perfect fit for the job in question. Getting to know you describes an easy yet highly effective tool you can use to uncover your strengths.

Internship 101 – Summer Interns

For your business or company, learn the difference between a paid internship, an unpaid internship and where to find interns for summer work. We will also discuss what is required of a quality intern and the policies that should be adhered to.

Diversify Your Skills To Boost Your Earning Potential

Most households could use a little extra cash each month. If you have diligently reviewed and tightened your budget, but still can’t seem to make ends meet, now may be the time to diversify your skills. There are countless ways to generate additional revenue so that you can spend more, save more and enjoy a significantly higher life quality.

Top Professional Organizations for Environmental Professionals: Environmental Planners

Because networking is so important, it helps to know about Top Professional organizations for environmental professionals and ways to get involved with them. Use this post as an introduction to the major organizations and what they offer to various environmental professionals.

How to Ace Any Interview by Knowing Interview Questions to Ask and Answer

Many job hunters believe all they have to do at interviews is to just sit there and respond to questions. Not so. You’re also expected to ask questions at interviews in order to learn the needs of prospective employers. This lets you target your presentation to those needs.

Spice Up Your Career and Enjoy It More

If you are one who has a desire to spice up your career and give it more flavor, then this article is just for you. Did you know that you don’t have to leave your current career to enjoy the benefits of another career? You can add to your current career and increase your job satisfaction level.

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