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Do You Know How To Get Straight to the Point?

Casual chit-chat is fine, but have you mastered the art of ‘short and sweet’ when speaking to clients, partners or management? People respect your packaging all the points you are trying to make, up for them to respond.

Effective Application Of Knowledge Integration At Work

Knowledge integration is how we incorporate new information into a body of existing knowledge with a multi-faceted approach. It is about involving how the new information and the existing knowledge interact. It is how existing knowledge should be modified to accommodate the new information and how the new information should be modified in light of the existing knowledge.

5 Personality Traits You Need to Succeed in Public Relations

If you think the life of a public relations officer is a glitzy, glamorous one of wining, dining, and ‘networking’ with clients, you have another think coming. Ranked by Forbes as one of the 10 most stressful jobs in the world, it is no secret to anyone in the industry that public relations is a highly challenging career path for anyone to take up.

How to Go From Administrative Assistant to Virtual Assistant

3 Tips for Changing from Administrative Assistant to Virtual Assistant. Software, Attitudes and Entrepreneurship.

Plagued by Self-Doubt? Six Easy Fixes for the Faint of Heart

LET VENUS TRAP YOU – Think about it: if a mere plant can communicate with its own cells, what’s preventing you-a sentient human being-from telling your mind to move forward, to overcome doubt, to take confidence in your choices. In an article titled, “Venus Flytrap, a Plant That Can Count” (Sciencetake, February 1, 2016),” author James Gorman provides yet another example of guidelines available to those with a biomimicreed. Researchers have found the Venus fly trap, although it doesn’t even have a nervous system, can actually transmit electric pulses created by the movement of trigger hairs on its leaves.

10 Ideas for Working With Passion and Purpose

In this article, the reader will gain an understanding for what it means to work with passion and purpose. By explaining 10 ideas from a specific TedX speech, the reader will walk away with action items for doing work they are passionate about.

Stalled in Your Career? Learn to Feather Your Metaphoric Nest

BACKGROUND – Many years ago, while teaching a management class in a corporate setting, I was asked for advice to a common problem. The student, an ambitious young man, felt that others were taking credit for his good ideas and their successful implements. He told me he wished he could say to his bosses, “Those feathers in your tail were plucked out of my head.

What You Look Good In, So You Can Achieve Success

“You don’t know what you don’t know” applies to your image. You need to discover the colors, styles and accessories that enable you to look powerful, credible, successful and businesslike. When you dress to impress, you will achieve success as well as happiness.

Property Management 101 – Dress For Success

As specialists in our field, we are expected to dress appropriately in business attire while in the work place or while representing our company outside of the office. Our clients make decisions about the quality of our products and services based on our presentation as a team.

Prairie Dogs, Parrots, and PTSD: A Natural Connection

According to psychologist/ecologist Dr. Gay Bradshaw, the behaviors exhibited by caged parrots and virtually the same as the behaviors displayed by prisoners of war and survivors of concentration camps. She points to screaming, self-mutilation, aggressive actions, nightmares, and insomnia.

5 Tips for Landing a Job When You Are Over 50

CEO of outplacement firm DMD & Associates discusses five tips for job seekers over the age of 50. As professionals grow in their career, often they forget the importance of keeping up to date with job searching trends.

Overwhelmed In Your Career? Start Here

Sometimes the combination of your job or your lack of job with all the details that have accumulated over the months comes crashing down and you get overwhelmed. This is common at the end of the year when you start to look around for financial papers in anticipation of tax season..

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