My Physician Assistant Paycheck – How Much Do I Make as a PA?

Ideas for Finding Jobs Overseas

For many people the dream of finding jobs overseas is quite flowering; it is an opportunity to greener pastures for them. However, not many secure a niche in the search for international jobs; few convert their dreams into reality.

When Your Boss Won’t Change

There are plenty of things we’d like to change about a manager, but what should you do if everything you’ve tried hasn’t worked? Check out these ideas to keep yourself sane and focused on the right stuff.

How Physicians Can Improve Their Finances, Their Practices And Their Lives

Doctors today are reporting that they are having to work more hours and receive less pay — especially those who are primary care and family physicians. So what can physicians do to improve their finances and practices in a way that enhances both their professional and personal lives?

Goal Setting for Business and Personal Life

Why is goal setting important? Goal setting helps you get ahead at work, have a rewarding personal life, be more successful than you ever were before and best of all, make more money.

Find Your Wow: Part 2 – Start Living Your Wow Today!

Perhaps you desire to create workshops to help empower people in their careers and lives. Yet, you are employed in the child care industry as the Director of a Day Care Center. How do you begin to live your passion and work your “Wow” today? Here are some ideas:

A Job Assessment Can Help You Decide on a College Major or Obtain a Promotion

Sometimes a simple job assessment is all a student needs to make a decision for a college major. Assessing your strengths and weaknesses can help you obtain the information you need to follow a realizable plan of academic coursework or excel on the job.

5 Personal Growth Tips That Will Boost Your Career

Personal growth is a journey that never ends. It should always remain a top priority as personal growth is very crucial for long term job satisfaction and success.

5 Strategies Worth Knowing to Untangle From Resistance (and How to Apply Each One)

Willpower is not a strategy! Melt (don’t muscle), resistance for completing what’s important to you and your business.

Winning at Working – What Do You See?

Based on dozens of articles that arrived in my inbox in a single week, one might think that the majority of people work in difficult work-cultures, alongside clueless co-workers, under distrusting bosses. Here are a few examples: “You’re the Boss, Not the Babysitter” – “What to Do When Your Employees Won’t Stop Whining” – “Giving Feedback to the Clueless” – “How to Survive a Toxic Boss.” Fortunately, most of us don’t work for or around people like these. Yet, we can create our own versions of “us” versus “them” without even…

Use Your First Job Out Of College To Create Future Opportunities

You’re fresh out of college and you haven’t landed the job you really wanted. Not yet you haven’t. You’re knee-deep in debt and your grace loan deferment period is about to end. Should you start applying for work anywhere? Should you take the first offering that comes your way?

Five Things You Should Do Before You Quit Your Job to Freelance

Making a living as a freelancer is not for everyone. If you enjoy new challenges and are looking for an opportunity to expand your horizons and work for yourself, freelancing could be for you. If you enjoy the security of having a regular paycheck, you may be better off sticking with your current employer or looking for work with a new employer. Keep in mind that no decision regarding your career is permanent. Most professionals go through 3 to 5 careers during their professional life. If you follow the directions above, you should have no difficulty moving back and forth between full-time employment and a career as a freelancer.

Segue Program in Ventura County Case Study – Career Speakers From Outside the School System

The Segue Program in Ventura County is an interesting non-profit group with an excellent mission statement; namely to prevent dropouts in our high schools. In Ventura County there is a huge Hispanic population and the dropout rate is pretty scary in that segment of the school’s population – part of a contributing problem is the ESL challenge, the other has to do with migrant farm labor, families which are only temporarily living in the area.

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