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Think Like a Billionaire

Thinking like a billionaire might be too overboard but that very thought alone already hinders you from getting the goals you set, achieved. So, don’t hesitate to think of the impossibilities, because you can really make it, if you are just determined enough.

Become a Fitness Trainer – An Overview of This Career Choice

What’s the scene like, early in the morning at one of the big parks in your city? A picture, of middle aged people practicing yoga along with other groups who may be jogging, walking or just sweating it out every way possible, is perhaps what you are drawing up in your mind.

10 Steps to Finding a Job

It seems like every other person you talk to is looking for a job these days. This article provides ten basic steps to follow to get the results that you desire from your job search.

Six Sigma Jobs – Become an Objective Source For Six Sigma Projects

If you are seeking Six Sigma Jobs, you might not be thinking immediately about working for a specific company or having just one job. If you’re looking to become an independent contractor specializing in the six sigma methodology, you can do that and, in the process, find a successful and rewarding career.

Six Sigma Jobs – Resume and Interview Tips

Finding and landing Six Sigma Jobs is very similar to most any other job hunt. You need to know how to make the most of your skills and sell yourself to an employer. If you aren’t properly prepared or you don’t make your resume appealing, you can spend a lot of time and effort interviewing for, but not acquiring Six Sigma Jobs.

Business Careers – Staying Strong When Business Isn’t

The economy makes business tough these days. With the need to still maintain your own sanity – even during a recession, work can prove to be a challenge if you’re not prepared for the extra commitment. You can still remain strong in your career even when things are down, and here are some great tips to help you learn how.

In the Need of a Career Search?

From the age of sixteen, people are constantly trying to find a job. They want a job that will work around their school schedules, their sports schedules, and once they get older they want a job with reasonable hours with competitive wages. Job after job, people are constantly trying to find the right path for them in order to enter the right career force.

Medical Translation – A Popular Area of Translation Services With Unique Requirements

In the field of translation services, medical translation is a highly competitive field. In medical translation, scientific documents, product brochures and health reports are translated from one language into another, for example from French to English or English to Spanish.

Do You Think You Want to Become a Wedding Planner? Answer This Questionnaire First

You have a passion for weddings but do you have the personality and skills it takes to succeed? Answer these 10 questions and find out if it’s time to start your wedding planning business.

Why it Pays to Be a Volunteer

Useful information and advice on volunteering. Find out how being a volunteer can actually help you too.

Unemployed? Maybe You Want to Be

Peeling away the layers of professional discontent frequently reveals that people want to work in areas that inspire them; that motivation, rather than pay, is what matters. Someone who starts out at 25 in a “job”: a position with regular hours, a set schedule, limited vacation time and a hierarchy of superiors, may not seek the same set of circumstances at 45.

Enjoy Life After Layoffs

Termination of employment is not the end of everything. Enjoy and open new opportunities. Sadness, fear, anger, frustration, resentment, inferior, and others may continue to appear while you are still losing jobless. Do not be surprised or caught up in that condition.

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