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Downside and Upside of Being a Mail Carrier

There’s good and bad to any job. Being a mail carrier is no different. On the down side, you have to wake up very early to get going on your route.

Inspired to Succeed – Is This Your Biggest Mistake?

Over the past week, I’ve been hearing lots of talk about how far off success, money, and getting back to normal seem. I’m talking to people who are standing on the edge of the pool, afraid to jump in because they don’t have a clear view of what their goals are and they fear going in the wrong direction and putting even more distance between them and the success they want and need.

A Guide to a Career in Architecture

An architect is an individual who plans and designs buildings. He/she also supervises building construction. To work as an architect, you have to perceive operational and building codes in addition to the available building methods.

Find Your Mission After the Army

Help to find your mission after the army. If you are leaving the armed forces, and want to feel like you are making a worthwhile contribution, the key could be to find your mission.

The Recession Has Proven a Few Things to People and One Big One is a Job Doesn’t Equal Security

Many of us tend to view having a job as having security. This is not the case as the recession has proven. Security is having the ability to produce income for yourself in good times and in bad. I really haven’t had a job in years. This past year my business crashed.

Three Steps to Becoming a Life Coach

If you’re the type who loves to help people deal with their problems in life and achieve their goals, you probably have the capacity to become a life coach. Life coaching is a career that is directed towards assisting people in coping up with their struggles in life. The road to becoming a life coach is simple, but it requires dedication and commitment in order for you to become a successful one.

3 Things You Need to Do If You Have Been Laid Off

Nothing sucks more than losing your job- especially if you do not have much in the way of savings. You are probably wondering how you are going to pay your bills and feed your family. There aren’t many times that you will find that are more stressful. The purpose of this article is to try and help you if you have recently been laid off. I have outlined three things below that you should do immediately if you have been laid off.

How to Become a Travel Nurse Practitioner

Becoming a travel nurse practitioner is not the same as becoming a travel RN and LPN. Standard nursing positions have less responsibility and an easier learning curve than they do, which means that RNs and LPNs can be plugged into these roles without too much difficulty. In contrast, the practitioner roles require greater expertise and are often highly specialized, so they can’t be filled by just anyone.

You Made it to Graduation! What Happens Now?

According to a September 2009 study conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), employers plan to hire 7% fewer college graduates from the class of 2010 than they did from 2009’s graduating class. This article explores other options for recent college graduates joining the workforce.

Over 50? Find a Job Fast by Creating One

The dismal stats from the American Association of Retired Persons Public Policy suggests workers over age 55 have seen an increase of 331.4% in unemployment. Americas News Online states workers over the age of 55 are 17% more likely to remain unemployed longer. They suggest it’s because they’re less likely to accept an entry level position.

You’re in Charge of Your Career

At a doctor’s appointment for my son, I was struck by a comment his terrific pediatrician made to me during our visit a few years ago. When I mentioned that my son “wouldn’t” eat some sort of vegetable I was trying to push on him at the time, the doctor gently said, “Remember, you’re in charge.” That comment stopped me in my tracks: Oh yeah.

Unemployed and Over 50? 7 Tips to Create Work You Love

If you’re over 55 and unemployed, you’re too young to retire. You still have lots of energy, productivity and good ideas to offer. In fact you’ve acquired a life time of experience and knowledge that may benefit someone else. But what are you going to do for money?

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