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Top 5 Tips for Employment Success

How to secure long term sustainable work in an unstable and competitive market. I opened my letterbox today to a myriad of invoices – gas, electricity, water, telephone, internet, mobile phone, income tax, loans, credit cards…

How To Become A Good Software Developer

Software developers play a large part in the IT industry. They develop the applications that are used by businesses to meet their requirements. Software developers have usually completed a degree in computer science or a related field, and develop code for a company. But, there is a separation between an average software developer and a good software developer. There are those who can program well, and those who can’t. To become a good software developer requires passion, skill and experience, among a few other traits, which I’ve listed below.

Can You Control Your Self-Control Function?

Is it possible to control self-control and if so is it worth the effort? Research suggests it is very much worth the effort…

The Importance of Relevance

Do You Think You Are Relevant? Various online sources define relevant as: -A relation to the matter at hand.

4 Things to Consider While Choosing Massage Therapy School

Northwest Health Careers has been educating individuals who are interested in a career in the exciting and expanding field of medical and health care for over 15 years. We encourage you to contact an admissions counselor today to find out how a health career education can help you put your future in your hands.

The Merits of Vulnerability

Being vulnerable means taking some risk and is scary; to me it means opening up, sharing, and exposing your inner self without being sure what may result. I’m not typically a person that puts myself out there in a way that I’m vulnerable or exposed.

What It Takes to Become a Professional Truck Driver

With the increase of trucking industry, the demand for professional truck drivers is also increasing. This is because of the fact that a lot of goods and products need to be transferred from one place to other.

10 Types of Physical Therapist Assistant Jobs

You get thousands of openings when you type ‘physical therapist assistant jobs’ in a search engine. The field of physical therapy is growing rapidly and the position of physical therapist assistant in particular is growing at above average rate. In today’s times where many industries are facing job losses, salary cuts and complete shutdowns, healthcare sector and the field of physical therapy is booming.

Networking for Success

Are you thinking about getting another job? Are you feeling demotivated and less than satisfied in your current job? Are you feeling a bit trapped? Well, then you might usefully consider a spot of networking to mix with new people and broaden your horizons

Creating Change Through Walking

Busy professionals typically feel that they can’t squeeze one more obligation into their lives. So when I suggest that clients build some walking time into their schedules it can be a tough sell. But once they begin, they often discover that regular walking is a keystone of a highly productive career.

You Got Sacked – So What’s Your Next Move?

In the current volatile global economic climate, there are hardly any jobs that still provide job security. Quite often, you’ll come across news on certain companies downsizing or even closing down, so the never-ending fear of losing your job is understandable and can happen to just anyone. If you’re already in such a situation, don’t be overly gloomy, as you can certainly do something about it to help you rid through this challenging phase.

Putting Together a Business Plan Helps Manage Your Time and Business Success

Becoming successful depends on keeping your energy up and managing your time. Personal productivity truly is one of the secret super powers of the world’s most successful people. The secret of accomplishing a task is to break the big task into lots of smaller tasks. By breaking your big projects into little action steps and doing at least one step a day, you can accomplish great things.You’re more likely to succeed at small, easy action steps. So when you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the things, or the big thing, you have to do, make your action steps smaller and easier. One clue that you need to break your goal into smaller tasks is when you find yourself procrastinating. When someone praises you, you feel good because your brain produces a chemical called dopamine. When you praise yourself by checking off a completed action step, you get the same physiological result. As you achieve one small win after another, you find it easier and easier to take the action steps necessary to generate the wins. Think about the action steps you took today. Think about how they helped you achieve your goals. Savor your victories.

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