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The Key to Dealing With a Lazy Coworker

The team can provide input here in terms of expectations and how they can help the lazy coworker better reach his potential. Encourage him to talk to his supervisor about more challenge in his work.

Basics on How to Research Telecommuting Jobs

Avoid wasting time in your job search, by not applying to less than stellar telecommuting jobs. Learn how to effectively determine whether the job is legit or not.

Fashion Industry – A Dynamic Career

India is emerging as a fashion hub after Paris and Los Angeles. People are looking at the fashion and fashion industry with a new and broader perspective. It is estimated that it is one of the fastest growing industries in India as well as all over the world.

The 6 Best and Worst Student Jobs

If your anything like I was as a student, then I’m guessing by 5 weeks into your new found freedom and non stop partying, you managed to blow your student loan, maxed out your overdraft and credit cards and are contemplating the world of work to pay for this new lifestyle. So what’s on offer?

Offering Discount Codes Are the Best Way to Attract the Consumers

A foundation in the sales markets is established with the offerings of savings. Companies understand that consumers need various products in order to live on a daily basis and that in order to drive their sales they need to offer savings. These savings allow a company to remain competitive in the sales market and oust business from their competition.

Advice on Dealing With a Difficult Colleague – 3 Effective Tips

Some people find themselves being singled out and consistently targeted by a difficult co-worker. If that is you, read on to learn effective methods that will help you make peace or put that troublemaker in place without the expected consequences. It is better to make peace with the devil – but not at ‘ANY’ cost!

Brains Plus Beauty Can Help You Get a Fatter Paycheck – Latest APA Report Findings

Thinking about a makeover or perhaps a secret elixir for boosting those gray cells to clinch the deal for a salary raise? Well, its no-where on the list of proven ways to get higher pay, according to the latest report of the American Psychological Association (APA)!

Modeling at Its Best

This article will discuss the high points of modeling that tend to be of interest to people. It will also discuss general modeling images.

Modeling at Its Scariest

This article will discuss some of the dangers that young male and female models fall into as models. It was discuss a few problems and how to resolve them.

Should I Look For a Job Or Start a New Business?

You don’t want to participate in business as usual. And you’re looking for work, either a job or a startup that you are clear is right for you. Learn about simple questions that help uncover pockets of opportunity and put you at the leading edge of work.

Finding a Job in a Tough Economy

Our economy is suffering today and American families are struggling because of it. Unemployment and job loss are both at their highest right now. Unemployment has reached its highest in 26 years with a 10.2 percent unemployment rate. Trying to find a job is very hard right now, but is not impossible. Here a few tips to help you succeed.

Proactive Career Management

So there stands before all of us a terrific opportunity here surely! If the majority of people are reactive about managing their careers, both generally and within the organization that they themselves work for.

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