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How Career Change Courses Makes Job Transitions Easier

Changing careers can be both an exciting and a stressful time. You are stepping out of a career you have been in for a while and into a whole new world. You have to learn new rules, new tasks, and so much more.

Becoming a Photo Editor

The task of a photo editor is to work closely with photographers to get just the right photographs to publish in magazines, newspapers and other visual publications. The job does not entail actually taking the photos. They simply make sure that the right photographer is hired to obtain and produce the perfect photo. If you are skilled at dealing with people and love the art of photography, then this job may be perfect for you. These guidelines explain how to be a successful photo editor.

Becoming a Media Planner

Taking a client’s advertising ideas and creating a plan for the best advertising campaign is the job of a media planner. They work with the ad copywriters and the clients, to design a an advertising campaign and then work out the most appropriate medium to advertise on, eg TV, radio or print media? Which channels? Target audience? What time to play the ad? etc. The person that takes on this role needs to be a creative visionary with a good eye for what works in advertising. They will also need the ability to develop ideas that will make an advertising campaign successful. Sound intriguing? Some tips below will give you an idea of what it takes to become a media planner.

Become a TV News Producer

As a TV news producers you would have the job of creating TV news stories, and having them presented by anchor people and news reporters. The position required a lot of organization, data and fact collecting and tight deadlines. If you are good at leading people in a media environment becoming a TV news producer could be the thing for you. Here’s a guide on what it takes to get you started.

A Career As a Fact Checker

Most of us interpret magazine and newspaper articles as the truth. But how do we know for sure? That’s what a fact checker does! Fact checkers are employed by media companies (TV, radio and magazines) to ensure that every statement in a story contains the correct facts. It is painstaking work which requires a lot of research. It is an important job that can validate a reporter’s work, and at the same time give the average American reader or viewer some peace of mind that what they’re taking in is correct. If this sounds interesting to you, read these tips to help you find a successful career as a fact checker.

How To Make Your Boss Keep You

In this period of global recession, many people have lost their jobs and those who still have their jobs are worried that they will be next on the retrenchment list. Here are some tips that might help you keep your job.

Five Tips to Help You Start Your Career

So you’re going to be graduating from college soon, eh? While this article isn’t going to give you a guide on how to make it in your desired career, it is full of a couple of tips that helped me out in my trek. Nothing life changing; just a couple things that might apply to you in your quest for success.

Need Help Deciding What Career to Choose? Try This Free Guide

The other day I got a message from an old friend asking me to help out with choosing a career. I decided to write this article so it could help anyone who is saying, I need help deciding what career to choose. Deciding to choose a career is like making the pavement to lead the life in the desired way.

Need a Career Change? Help You Need is Here

Are you in search of a new career? Why not take a few minutes to read through this brief but useful article to learn more about this important subject matter – especially in these tough economic times.

How to Assess Your Career Options

Looking for some tips to assess your career options? Here is a brief but useful article that will help you through the steps and other important issues to consider.

The Silver Lining of Losing Your Job – 8 Upbeat Ideas

If you have become unemployed against your will, take this opportunity to design your future. Consider consulting, starting your own business, or changing your profession. Take a step back to consider what is really important in life.

Interview Like a Pro – Build Rapport Fast by Becoming a Spy

Building rapport quickly with your interviewer is critical to getting that new job. Your education, experience, resume or plain old persistence got you the interview. Now you need to sell yourself to win the job.

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