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Can a Bar Job Be a Long Term Prospect?

Many different people of all ages and backgrounds work as bartenders or do other bar related work either full time or part time. It is popular amongst students for the flexibility it can offer and great for people who need an additional source of income who might not necessarily be looking for a career. However, does this leaning towards casual work in many bars mean they are not good for potential long term careers?

How to Get the Most Out of Joining the Military

The purpose of this article is to discuss how to take advantage of what the military has to offer if that is the path you have chosen to take. Here you will find tips on what to do during your enlistment process to help you have a better chance of getting into a military career that can carry over to the contracting world or civilian job market.

It is Never Too Early to Start Planning Your Career

If you want to have a successful career the sooner you start planing your career the better. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to look into the future and know what kind of jobs will be in demand when you are ready to join the work force. Well you cant see into the future but with a little research you can predict what the job market is going to look like. If you want to know what kind of job is right for you there are ways to narrow down your options. In this article I will talk about some things you can do to start planning your career before you graduate high school.

Training For New Careers – The Real Way to Change Jobs

The average person experiences new careers seven times in their life. For some people the number is even higher. Why do so many individuals change careers?

Is a Change in Careers Wise?

In 2007 the economy began to turn, providing a rough road ahead for many of us. The banking sector collapsed in the US, which then catapulted the UK and other parts of the world to suffer. As the situation in the economy gets worse it is harder for some businesses to keep their employees.

A Guide to Equip Yourself With New Career Skills

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily,” said popular Televangelist Mike Murdock. So, if you have finally made that torturous decision to change your career, then don’t waste any more time on dwelling on the rationale behind your decision. Get your act together and think of ways in which you can give yourself a set of new career skills so that you can gear up for a new career and a new life.

How to Make Yourself Invaluable in These Tough Times

Times are tough, economically, and it’s not just one country’s problem. It has become a global problem that everyone is dealing with.

Breaking Into Big Pharma

You are waiting in your doctor’s office for an eternity. Maybe for a routine check-up or something a little more serious. While you are waiting, you notice that at least a half-dozen pharmaceutical representatives have come in during that time.

Laid-Off Lawyers Need Options, Not Outplacement

The world of big law firms has never seen anything like the layoffs that have happened during the first 3 months of 2009. Speaking from my own experience as a lawyer with Milbank for nearly 10 years, I can say with confidence that the typical large firm lawyer did not waste time worrying about job loss or layoffs. With a certain set of credentials in hand, we all seemed bullet proof. Even if one firm was not a perfect fit, there would, it seemed, always be endless others big firm options for lawyers like us.

Should Career Advice Consultants Be Held Accountable?

It is amazing all the career advice you can get these days, yet there is absolutely no verification or regulation protecting people from bad career advice. Surely, we need a little more integrity in this field, as there is absolutely no over sight right now.

Basic Advice For Yellow Page Sales People – Part 2

Selling the Yellow Pages is just like selling any other media. So there are some basic ideas that will get you through the process.

Recession – How to Make it Work For You!

Many of us are feeling swept up in the current state of our economy either firsthand or due to the never-ending media blitz. But here’s an idea…why not take a different perspective, a positive one? So now let’s look at the 9 letters of the word “recession” and transform them into useful tips that you can use.

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