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Mystery Shopping – Why Companies Are Offering These Kind of Jobs

Mystery shopping or also sometimes referred to as mystery consumer is a phenomenon which is increasing in popularity over the recent years. It is actually a form of market research employed by many different companies and organizations for a myriad of purposes. I will discuss that further as we go on. For those of you who are unaware, mystery shopping is where you are required to pose as an average shopper or consumer and perform easy everyday tasks such as making a service or product purchase, fill in certain forms, pose a set of questions or even complain regarding any specific product or service. The criteria involved in mystery shopping differ depending on the company/organization that hired you to pose as a mystery shopper/mystery consumer. Now, this is one of the easiest ways to earn additional income in times like this but you may be wondering just why are companies offering these kind of jobs. Well, to answer you honestly, the answer lies in your feedback pertaining to the product or service quality.

Career Advice – Become a Possibility Expert in Your Industry

We sure hear a lot of people say that it is just impossible for them to get a job right now with the economy the way it is, and the unemployment rates so high. But is that really true? Is it really impossible to get that dream job right now?

Learn to Delegate Responsibilities

Are you guilty of taking on more than you handle? Are you involved in activities that are not the best use of your time and talents? Do you have a problem saying “No” to many of the demands thrown at you? Do you have trouble accepting help from others? Are there areas in your life that could use a helping hand?

Career Uh Oh’s – Seven Career Signs Sabotage Success

It’s true that we learn from our mistakes but the wise young businessperson corrects his/her mistakes before they are made. What mistakes should you be weary of?

Applying For a Job? Apply These Tips!

No typos! Proofread your cover letter and resume well to ensure that there are no typographical or grammatical errors and ask a family member or friend to do so as well. Nothing gets your resume thrown in the trash quicker than errors. Why? If you make errors on these critical documents, an employer wonders what the quality of your work will be like if you were hired.

What Does it Take to Be Successful in Today’s Corporate America? Is it Different Than 20 Years Ago?

There will be as many answers as people you ask. I am just one of those willing to provide unsolicited advice. Recent times have been rough and many have forgotten how to spell “ethics”. However, there are still more honest and hard working professionals in America than the crooks that created the mess we are currently living through. Therefore, you should not be discouraged; just keep doing the right things, do them right and you will be rewarded.

Beware of Bad Bosses – They Might Ruin Your Chances

Say you have had an unfortunate experience from one bad boss that literally ruined your life and career, how would you deal with the situation? Say, he had you walk the plank for some reasons only him knew. Today, wiser and empowered, nobody can put you down. Having learned your lessons from the ordeals, you are now more prudent, more knowledgeable, etc. to have your worth reclaimed and a new lease in your career. Now, you are in for a big thing and they just watching in the sidelines. Serves them right? Or break a leg? Whatever…

Discover the Brighter Side of Unemployment

If you are unemployed and feeling low it is time to change your perspective around! Why not take the time to take a step back and focus on what you REALLY do what out of your life. This article details 8 ways to make unemployed life that little bit easier so you can get more out of this challenging time.

What Are the Key Contributors of the Growing Demand For Pharmacy Technicians?

The gain of national certification on pharmacy Technician career and job has opened up a lot of opportunities for those who have the interest to become assistant to a pharmacist. There are quite a number of positive developments which affect the increase of pharmacist Technicians in the past decades, some of them are:

Career-Change Coaching Strategies and Values Clarification

Values clarification is indispensable when you must choose between multiple career options, but you’re uncertain which option is best for you. They key is to make your decision with clarity and confidence so you avoid the frustration and regret that results from making the wrong decision. Whether your thinking about changing careers or wanting to feel more fulfilled in your current career, values clarification can make all the difference to your future happiness.

Taking Your Career Into Your Own Hands

The clearer you are about what you want, the closer you are to achieving it. To do this, you have to take your career into your own hands. You can’t rely on others to do it for you.

Modeling Agency – Exclusive Versus Non-Exclusive Benefits

You just found a modeling agency that wants to represent you, now what do you do? To be or not to be, that is the million dollar question when dealing with modeling agencies.

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