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Tips & Guide For A Successful Career – The 5 Small Steps to Take

The Background In my work as a department head, I have to provide guidance for my staff in terms of their career growth. Unfortunately, when it comes to the topic about successful career planning, they feel that it is some big project that requires deep analyses in order for career planning to be successful. This of course, is not true.

What It’s Like Being a Yellow Page Salesman

Yellow Page sales can be a great job and career. Here’s a bit if what you can expect.

Keeping Your Job During a Recession

Keeping your job during a recession is no different from doing a great job when times are good. Here’s why.

Is a Degree Crucial to Land a Great Job

Having a degree in today’s job world does help you to land a higher paying job in most cases. You need to remember that even if you do not have a degree you can find a great high paying job. You need to focus on your job qualifications when searching for a certain type of job because in most cases if you have a degree or not you are going to need some experience to help you land that great job. It is important that when you are looking for a job that you network so that you can increase the area you are searching in.

Imagine – If You Only Had the Inside Track on Some of the Critical Skills For Leadership Positions

Imagine… If you had the Inside Secret to Getting that next position or promotion that you so clearly have worked on getting. Imagine… that you have in your possession the secret scroll, that contains the 12 critical skills for getting the job of your dreams. What would that mean to you you? How would you use that information? Imagine… that you could learn about these Critical Skills by continuing to read about them, and more importantly to discover that you already have MASTERY of many of them.

What’s Your Career Plan B?

Do you have a Plan B in case you’d lose your job tomorrow? Do you have a Plan B to help you triple your income within the next 12 months? Have you thought of all the options you have and can create? This story will inspire and guide you to create various Plans!

MBA Recommendation Letters That Will Win You Acceptance

MBA recommendation letters are a crucial, but often overlooked, portion of the MBA admissions process. Learn important tips and strategies that will help you gain the edge and gain admission to the school of your dreams.

5 Ways to Manage Your Career With Changing Life-Role Demands

How many of us find it difficult to navigate our careers with our ever changing life roles? This article addresses the challenges we face as enter new life roles and also provides tips for managing these roles.

Career Training – Is it Worth the Effort?

Today, knowing what route you want your career to take and where you want to end up is essential to success. Everyone’s running a race today, trying to overtake the other person and get ahead in life, and if you do not have a direction or a goal, you will most probably be left behind. This is why it is important for each of us to know what kind of career we see ourselves lead. But it’s easier said than done, because it’s difficult to switch careers once you’ve started on one, no matter how much thought you put into it. To get ahead in a particular field, you’d have to see that you get the right kind of career training to succeed.

Career Training Program – Helping You to Your Fullest Potential?

Being an expert in just one field might not always give the desired results in your workplace. With the fierce competition in organizations, getting to the top can be somewhat of an uphill task. Having a qualification does not simply pave the way to success. Today you need something more than that.

Professions and Passions and What They Reveal About the Person

We’ve all heard this quote before “work to live, not live to work” Are you doing what you’re passionate about or simply engaged in a profession? What’s the difference? Read on.

3 Simple Steps to Find Part Time Jobs in New York City

Having trouble finding part time work in the New York City area? Follow these simple steps to ensure you will find a part time job that fits not only your personality but your pocketbook, too.

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