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Would Your Consider Your Speaking Voice an Asset or a Liability?

I recently listened to a webinar in which the speaker’s voice was so nasal, it gave me a headache. And I use Bose speakers on my computer! Is this man’s voice an asset? No. In his case, it is most definitely a liability.

What Is An Electrician?

Don’t think of being an electrician as “just another job.” There is more to electrical work than simply installing electrical wiring. This article aims to answer the question “What is an Electrician?” and may be useful to anyone considering starting a career in the electrical industry.

How to Establish a Stable Online Job

It can’t be denied that most of the jobs that are being offered in the internet are just temporary. That’s why freelancers are also called independent contractors.

Career Prospects Of Banking Jobs In India

Banking jobs in India are one of the most lucrative as well as stable careers in a rapidly growing economy. Good pay package, supplementary benefits, job security as well as a very good scope for growth are the main reasons why a large number of Indian youths are starting to get attracted to this lucrative career. This article mentions the various reasons due to which bank jobs is rapidly turning into a very good career prospect for Indian youth.

Bad Bosses: How to Build a Relationship With a Boss You Hate

What comes to mind when you think about the proverbial “bad boss?” Is it someone who is a poor communicator, micro-manager, unqualified or absent? The list can go on and on. But there is another career-killing reason why bad bosses are so “bad;” they make easy targets for all the things we don’t like at work. Having a bad boss seems to flip a switch in our heads that turns off our capacity for accepting individual responsibility and turns on our propensity to blame. But there is one way to your proverbial “bad boss” from making you the proverbial “poor victim.”

The Mixology Debate – The Difference Between A Bartender And A Mixologist

The main difference between a bartender and a mixologist is not necessarily so cut and dry. Anyone who tends bar can be considered a bartender. A mixologist on the other hand, usually refers to someone who is more skilled in the art of blending, mixing, preparing and creating cocktails.

Go Ahead: Waste My Time!

If you don’t set parameters up front and clearly, then they will be set by someone else – and may not be reasonable by your standards, leading to a lot of time and effort on your part being spent unproductively…and unnecessarily. Take a few minutes now and write down a few simple guidelines for customers to understand and see how you can communicate these in a way that demonstrates how they benefit everyone!

Hiring Tips for Small Businesses

Upon hiring, small businesses have little margin for mistakes. There are only so many turnovers that a small company can endure prior to either having to scrap the project or having trouble with their overall business.

How to Answer Call Center Interview Questions

Emotions evoked by the thought of undergoing a job interview vary from person to person: some may feel overly anxious, some experience dread, some take it easy, and some don’t mind it at all. But if you belong to those who are truly worried about answering call center interview questions and coming out sane after the actual interview, here are general guidelines you should observe.

Health As a Career!

Viewing your health as a career and managing it as such my be one of the most important things you can do for yourself. You owe it to yourself to consider it as such.

Why You Should Start a Virtual Career With Odesk

The first step to becoming successful is to be inspired. You need inspiration to motivate yourself.

Retirement – Six Points to Help You Decide the Right Time

Are you getting close to retirement but having trouble deciding when to go? Here are six things you need to consider before you decide to retire.

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