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Getting a Job May Be the Quickest Way to Economic Enslavement – What?

Young people considering a post secondary education for the purpose of getting a good job or who are considering beginning the search for a mainstream job without extending their education need to take pause and consider a third option. The current economy is changing at a frightening speed. In the emerging economy, a job may be nothing more than a quick ticket to a lifetime of economic enslavement. Let me explain my thinking here.

Are You Speaking Powerful Words?

When you think about the words that you speak about yourself, what kind of words are you speaking? Do you speak words of empowerment, power, ability, and/or strength? Or do you speak words of uncertainty, weakness, and/or inability? The words that you speak about yourself and over your life have tremendous power.

Dreading Mondays? Hate Your Job?

Dreading Mondays or Loving Mondays? It’s the acid test of how you feel about your work. Do you wake up on Mondays with that sinking feeling? Realise that you hate your job?

Everything You Need to Know to Identify and Survive a Rip Current

Rip currents are very dangerous water formations. Every year, it is estimated that over 100 drownings are a result of rip currents. Find out what you can do to identify and survive a rip current.

How Do You Take Advantage of Chaos?

In the 1700s, the US was an agrarian society. In fact, 97% of jobs were focused on agriculture. In the 21st Century, 3% of jobs focus on agriculture. Because of this transformation, the job skill requirements have changed drastically. Moving forward, the same will apply. Instead of looking at changing economies as chaotic, learn to exploit the opportunities that have always been inherent in transformation. This article talks about how to take advantage of that continuous change.

How Do You Feel About Changing Your Career?

I am a big fan of the Law of Attraction and the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. You might know that they are famous for working with all sorts of emotions. However, I recently read an article in which they said that, in essence, there are only two types of feelings: you either feel good or you feel bad. How basic is that? And, I believe, this simple approach is behind the secret to why some people become successful at career change while others do not.

Sonographer Vs. Cardiovascular Technologist

The Diagnostic Medical Sonographer and the Cardiovascular Technologist have a lot in common because they are in the same profession and industry. Both use medical imaging equipment that emits high-frequency sound waves to assess patient soft tissues, organs and blood flow. The primary difference between the two professions is that the technologist dealing with the cardiovascular system has specialized in assessing the heart and artery/vein systems.

Work Quotes That Lead To Life Success

Working hard in life is a characteristic that most successful people agree with. Training, preparation, good luck, and giving it all you’ve got. It’s hard work that provides the platform for everything else.

How to Build Mental Toughness!

As the cliche goes, “fail to plan, plan to fail”. This is true in life and in business. If we don’t have the right mental planning, we are unable to meet our personal and professional goals.

How to Write a Career Objective Statement in Your Resume

Your career objective statement is an important component in any resume. It provides the employer an insight in to what you are and how much you are compatible with their mission. It is not a place to brag or boast about your lofty ideals, but a practical way of giving some insight about your inner self, and what will satisfy you. There are 5 major elements to writing a career objective statement, though all need not be included in the resume.

65 Year Old Apprentice – Earn Money in Retirement

The modern working life does not necessarily end when someone reaches what used to be called the retirement age. Many people continue to need to earn money well into later life. For many of us, it is time to look into how we can support our required standard of living.

Five Important Salary Negotiation Tips

Salary negotiation is a tough skill and in order to master this skill, you need to get a sneak peek into your employer’s head, to know the final “reservation price” and use this skill to your advantage. Salary negotiation makes all the difference. Imagine you get to know that you could have been hired on a six figure salary, but because you gave up early, you are still working same hours for a five figure salary; it sounds quite uninteresting right?

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