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Typical Job Duties of a Lifeguard!

Before a lifeguard begins his/or shift, there are important steps to take in order to setup for a successful day of lifeguarding. Follow these guidelines to ensure an effective day of lifeguarding!

How to Become Lifeguard Certified

There are several ways to become lifeguard certified. One way is to apply for a lifeguard position at a lifesaving agency and receive lifeguard training directly from that organization. Another way to become lifeguard certified is to enroll in a private lifeguard course. Becoming lifeguard certified will allow you act as an independent contractor and sell your lifeguard services to private parties. These private lifeguard jobs can either be a one time job or a steady employment depending on the needs of your employer. This is very different than being employed by a regular lifeguard agency, such as the YMCA. In effect, you become your own boss and are responsible for setting up your own lifeguard jobs. For example, an elementary school may need to hire a lifeguard to supervise a school group on a beach field trip. This is the type of job you can expect when you become an independent lifesaver.

Will a Data Entry Job Increase My Career Prospects?

Many people don’t regard data entry jobs as particularly glamorous or exciting. However, this doesn’t change the fact having such a job is an incredibly useful source of experience.

3 Steps to a New Career

Are you trying to find all the answers and make all your decisions at once? Discover the 3 stages to a successful career transformation. Then you can determine which stage you are currently in, and identify the actions to take to move you forward.

Making Your Internship Count

Internships can be the gateway to finding your true calling or landing that dream job. But unfortunately internships can also feel like a useless waste of time if you don’t establish goals ahead of time and be proactive in getting the most out of your internship. Sometimes you have to push to get the type of exposure and experience you want out of your internship.

Researching Information About Careers And Industries

It’s a little overwhelming trying to choose a career if you don’t know a whole lot about the career itself or the job market in the field. It’s important to do some research in different careers so you can properly plan your course of action to break into it. The more information and sources you read about a specific career, the more you’ll be able to make an informed decision about the right career path to follow.

Get Uncomfortable

Are you happy in your career or just going through the motions? Do you know it’s time to act, but you don’t want to? Are you pushing yourself to do more, and be more, or are you too comfortable being comfortable?

The Key to Finding the Hidden Gold in Your Business (It Is Already There!)

Every business has absolute GOLD in it. I see that gold in every business of each of my clients. Sometimes the gold is already out there, in the open, for everyone to see. But most often, it is not. And most heart-centered entrepreneurs have NO idea they have gold in their business at all;) They would all like to find it though. I bet you’d like that, too!

Changing a Career: How to Overcome the Overwhelm

Are you ready to move towards a more meaningful or fulfilling career? Do you find yourself procrastinating or feeling stuck when you want to work on changing a career? You’re not alone! Try this tool to help you discover what holds you back from moving forward with your career.

Changing a Career? Start Small by Taking Charge of Your Current Situation

Changing a Career? Start Small!

The Key to Landing Your Dream Job

Everyone dreams of having the job of their dreams so that going to work every day will be less of just that: work. By having your dream job you are able to wake up every day knowing you don’t have to worry nearly as much. A job takes up a major part of your life and should be something you are good at and love to do every single day. Here are a few ways to obtain the job of your dreams.

How to Create a Better Job Satisfaction

Everyone wants to be happy to wake up every day and go to work, considering it’s what takes up a large percentage of their lives. However, the exact opposite seems to be true. Most people have a sort of hostility when it comes to going to work, and it continues to add more and more stress as the years progress. Everyone deserves to wake up and love what they do every single day, and be able to make a living at the same time.

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