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3 Steps to the Career Sweetspot

I was reading an article by Tim Berry, founder of, a site that helps entrepreneurs develop business plans. The article is called, 3 Steps to the Startup Sweetspot, and it highlights the ways in which start-up companies get to the magic point of where the investments in their business start to pay off. While reading, I realized that his advice can be easily applied to our businesses-of-one. Every time we choose to embark on a new career path, we go into ‘start-up mode’ – where decisions on how we choose to invest in the career will affect the results we get.

8 Things I Did to Improve My Current Job

The economy is in a terrible state like we’ve never seen before – unless you lived through the Great Depression. Employers are slashing jobs at a record pace and the unemployment offices are crowed with people now forced to reconfigure their lives. During these tough times we all want to avoid being the one to get that “pink slip”. Easier said than done. Since you’re at the mercy of our employer and hard work may not be enough, it is time to step up your game and show that you are not only worth hanging on to, but you’re part of the team that can help the company survive. The question on everyone’s mind is – how?

What is Informatics Nursing? Here Are 4 Ways to Become an Informatics Nurse

Informatics Nursing is basically the specialization in health care informatics and becomes the foundation of nursing by the information system when it comes to administration, documentation, delivery as well as evaluation of the care of the patient and the prevention of the diseases. It is also the area of information science that is concerned with the dissemination as well as the analysis of data through the application of the computer on the field of nursing.

What to Wear at the Time of a Job Interview

When applying for a job, you just have few minutes to impress the other person. So to impress him your appearance will play a major role. Your appearance will speak for you when you go in for a job interview. You should be very careful with what you wear to impress your interviewer.

Getting Paid to Love Your Job – Culture and Compensation

Your next career move should involve an increase in compensation, though this is sometimes difficult to attain. Finding the optimal company or company’s to target for your next career move makes your goal all that much easier to achieve. Incorporate the help of an executive recruiter and you’re all but sitting in your new office chair!

Career Advice – Stop Calling What You Are Doing a Career!

Have you ever considered a specific point in your career that was a turning point to your current success? Was there a serious of decisions you made? Perhaps in college on which classes to take or later on which industry you wished to work in, or which job interviews to go for.

The Code of Conduct For Pharmacy Technicians

The Code of Ethics sets out the principles that one must follow as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician. The Code is the Society’s core guidance on the conduct, practice and professional performance expected. The principles of the Code are intended to guide and support the work you do and the decisions you make. They also inform the general public of the standards of behavior that can be expected from the pharmacy professions.

Want More Writing Time? Wrangle Your Email

This article explains how lawyers and others can carve out time for writing by taking control of their email habits. Many lawyers send–and receive–hundreds of emails every day. Email can take over your life if you let it. Don’t let it.

The First Big Thing About Going Back to Work

The hardest thing about going back to work once you’ve retired is staying committed to the idea. There are more options than when you were young–work, consult, or tighten your belt instead, for example. The first strong step toward getting on with getting back in the workforce is being sure that’s what you want to do and then ignoring the other options.

Stuck at a Career Crossroads?

How many times in your career have you felt stuck, at a crossroads, or undecided about what path you want to take? Coaching has been becoming more mainstream in organizational life but people are still unclear about what it is and what it can offer you.

Tips on How to Be Successful in a Career

So often we hear people complain they are overworked and underpaid, and how they have no idea how to fix their situation. I think we can all relate that we have been there at one point or another. Through the years, I have found a few key things that can help someone to have a successful career.

Gap Years Provide Valuable Experience

The idea of taking a year out to see the world before a period of study or prior to settling down in a job is a tempting one for many. However, a large number of people are put off by the worry that a gap year will be hard to explain on their CV or that, by being away from the job market for an extended period of time, they will lose the competitive edge. To the contrary, gap years are often seen as a positive experience by prospective employers.

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