How Much Does LLIPS Make on YouTube

Backing Out of the Driveway

Remember that effective leadership is about generating acceptance of change and new ideas, adjusting and adapting, remaining flexible while steering toward your vision. It’s not unlike backing your car out of the driveway – you always have to adjust the wheel to get out straight.

Take Control of Your Career

Don’t let someone else decide your career path. Take control of it yourself.

How to Survive a Heart-Pounding Job Interview

To most job hunters, the interview is the most difficult part of the job application process. Most of us do not have the power of persuasion and communication so we find ourselves dealing with nerves prior to and during the interview.

Are You an Expert in Your Field – Does Anyone Know That?

Everybody has some expertise in the things they do; but most never get the word out. The failure to make yourself known to others is a career stopper. Your expertise is how you set yourself apart from the competition.

Top Jobs Without a Degree

If you are like many people out there today, concerned about the economy, maybe you’re in college, or looking for a decent paying job without a degree, either way you are looking for solutions. In this article I will show you some alternatives that you probably don’t even know exist. Welcome to the new economy.

Start Your Own Software Business

To start your own software business you would have to be a webmaster who is able to create a product. Then once you have the product you have to be able to promote it in order to get sales.

Keep Your Job!

With national unemployment now at an all-time high, it may be more prudent than ever to retain the job you currently have. An understanding of your actual value in the workplace is critical to being able to keep your job, and can even help you excel in it.

What If I Find Out What My Coworkers Are Making?

There are many reasons why there may be a disparity in earnings with two people doing the same job. Some are reasonable and may have to do with seniority and experience.

Get Limousine Driver Training For a Promising New Career

Most of us learn to drive and get our license by age sixteen and we spend the rest of our lives enjoying the privilege of driving wherever and whenever we choose in our own vehicle. Those who have limousine driver training will go way beyond just ordinary driving and find it to become a lucrative career choice.

Career Coaches – Why Having a Career Coach Gives You an Unfair Advantage

Career coaches are more valuable than more people realize. Most people think that getting ahead at work depends on the degree that you hold or your past achievements and although this is partially true, there are other factors that are more powerful that will determine whether you get the position you truly desire or not. Most people settle for the position that they got mostly because they were at the right place at the right time.

How to Find a Better Job at the Time of a Recession?

My job is at risk! In these times of severe credit crunch, company employees are literally dreading being given the pink slip any time. Let’s suppose that you are not happy in your present job because you are: likely to face a layoff not monetarily well compensated to meet your pressing domestic needs unhappy doing the work you are asked to do disgusted by the treatment meted out to you by your employer.

Signs You’re Stuck in a Rut in Your Career – The Impact Boredom Has on You and Others

Your career is like a car. Once in a while it will get stuck in a rut and you are going to have to take extra steps to get it moving again. Just as no one ever deliberately drives into a rut, no one willingly lets their career get stuck. The difference is that it’s easy to know when your car is stuck but not so easy to understand that your career is. Getting into a career rut is an insidious process and if you are not careful you may get into a hole you can’t escape from. So how you know if that is happening to you? Here are a few signs to look out for.

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