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Careers – The Work/Life Balancing Act

Its always worth having a look at our daily routines if we are to understand how our work/life balance can affect our emotional well being. Life in 2010 has become pretty busy and there is no end to the demands on our time, especially to those that have to juggle a career and children. These days most families have both partners working as living costs are so expensive. This article gives some simple and practical tips on addressing the balance.

Resume Tips: Getting Past The “Job Gatekeeper”

Your resume is the precursor to you getting in the door of the companies and subsequent career that you wish to pursue. Similar to when administrative assistants block sales representatives from getting to the decision maker, a HR representative can use any resume flaws they wish as justification to prevent you from seeing the decision maker who, in the end, is going to make the final decision. Thus, one could refer to them as the “Job Gatekeeper.”

Career Transition Tips

If you are unhappy in your current job, check first if you really need a career change or just a job change. If you like what you do in general, then you might just need a different work environment or employer. However, if you don’t like what you do or aren’t interested in your industry, then you may need a different career. Here are some career transition tips that don’t require a massive upheaval right now.

Apply Now for Customer Care Jobs

The customer care services is usually the effective in increasing the sales profit of the company and also a way to understand the customer’s needs and solve their problems in a effective manner. A business cannot be stand for a long if the customers will not satisfied. The well understanding of the customer care service will only boost the foundation of the business.

Internal Audit: A Brief Job Profile!

Internal audit jobs are specific job profile that mainly focuses in assisting organisation realizes their financial objectives. By making a way out o reach to the bottom of problems within an entity, auditors make a rock solid business plan to understand different procedures and processes prevailing in the company and ensure everything is working as per the order.

Best Medical Careers for the Future

In order to have a solid occupation, it is essential to comprehend what the best medical careers for the future would be. There has never been a better time to go back to school in order to develop your knowledge and start working in a profession that will enable you to make a very good living.

Does Your CV Have Enough Oomph, Shout and Wallop?

Not many people love writing their CV, in fact it’s one of those documents that most people avoid and put off (that and application forms which can lie in a drawer with the ‘easy bits’ filled in until the closing date passes.) I’m sure in some cases, some people (if they could get away with it) would even hire someone to attend an interview for them.

New Look Helps Marilyn Kleinberg Bounce Back From Bankruptcy

So after crippling loss, intense soul searching and extensive research, Marilyn found a position that is much better suited to her strengths. She is now the executive managing director of the Southern New Jersey Chapter of eWomenNetwork.

Executive Coaching Helps You Focus On Your Strengths

Executive coaching can help you focus on your strengths while also improving your key weaknesses that have the greatest impact on your performance. Your executive coach can help you find the right balance.

New To Real Estate – Tips For Starting Your Career

Are you searching real estate careers on the web trying to find the best firm to begin your new career? Make sure you look at these important factors before making your decision.

Starting Your Career As a Defense Lawyer

A defense lawyer normally represents the clients, known as defendants in the court of law. Often, the defense lawyers start their career as prosecutors.

Interview With a Licensed Vocation Nurse

Eric Snell, a Licensed Vocation Nurse (LVN), works for an agency that provides private duty nursing, or in other words offers in-house nursing care for a medically stable patient. In the following interview, Eric explains how he got into nursing, the demand his jobs entails and some personal anecdotes.

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