How Much Does Savvy Coupon Shopper Make on YouTube

Shocking Teacher’s Salary That Will Blow Your Mind!

How would you like to make $40 – $50 an hour? Who wouldn’t? Read this article and you will see how teachers like me are doing just that.

Can You Afford To Say No?

In a rough job market with more than five job seekers for every opening, is there ever a good reason to turn down a job offer? After all, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is now taking job seekers an average of 34.4 weeks to find new employment.

Getting the Best Medical Billing and Coding Degree

If you have taken interest in pursuing a medical billing and coding degree, you are making a wise decision towards a great career that will benefit you in many ways. Although you may not be fully aware of the many programs available, you have many choices that you can make in taking the right first step towards your new career.

Child Care Worker Responsibilities

According to the U.S. census bureau, 26% of children ages 0-4 go to a daycare center or a home-based daycare while parents are at work. With millions of babies and toddlers in child care facilities, it is of utmost importance for these centers to still keep each and every child as safe as possible.

Why a Degree From a Fashion Design School Can Make Your Career

It’s a fact: Those who hold a post-secondary education degree are more likely to get hired than those who do not. When you are ready to start your fashion design career, the degree you obtained from a good fashion design school will already have afforded you a distinct advantage. Taking the time to get a degree shows that you are truly interested in making a career out of fashion design.

10 Terrific Tips For a Great Job Interview

This article offers Ten Tips for a great Job Interview with some focus on individuals with disabilities. It is light and gets right to the point.

Your Boss Is Your Boss

To have a good and productive work place you must first master the art of authority. To get straight to the point you must master some basic rules that will allow you to realise as soon as possible that your boss is your boss and that is that. This small article will provide you with some basic tips which will detail the fine line you need to maintain as to have a good and respectable relationship with your boss.

Online Career Tests – A First Step to Your Ultimate Career

It stands to reason that oftentimes the people who have a natural liking or interest towards a certain career path may perform much better when they are working in this area. So the question then becomes how does one find a career that they are truly interested and one which is suited to their personality. Taking an online career test or online personality is an ideal first step towards finding a career that will give you true career and personal satisfaction.

Living Within a Matrix Organization Structure

Recently I was at a particular corporate seminar. At one particular break when we were expected to network and socialize one of the attendees raised the issues of the corporate matrix. He went on to relate, how one of…

Models, Don’t Leave Your Future to Other People

When girls first think about being a model they assume that their agent will take care of everything. An agent will do most things for you, assuming you can get an agent they will take care of all your requirements but for a fee of 15 – 25% of all the money you earn.

College Grads – How to Size Up Headhunters

Just as in any professional field, the recruitment industry has it’s ups and downs. Some recruiters are fantastic at what they do while other, to put it bluntly, are not. Variations in the quality of companies and the people that work for them are standard, regardless of the industry. However, recruiters have the added responsibility of being able to affect someone else’s career.

Improving Yourself at Work

While it is important to have a plethora of skills in the work world and when applying for jobs, some can be seen in a negative light. It is important to be aware of that and present yourself to your best advantage. Multitasking is both a positive and negative trait.

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