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Unsurprisingly, Ladies Are Taking The Medical Field By Storm Numerically

There are more women than ever applying for spots in medical schools all across the country, which is changing the way medicine is taught and practiced. American women are forcing the masses to rethink how they perceive medicine by entering into medical school in record numbers.

Getting Ready for a Career As a Consultant

When you work in consulting, you are involved with helping businesses and organizations manage and operate their computer systems and technology needs. Consultants often specialize in information technology and computer networking. They are involved in developing, maintaining, installing, configuring, updating, and troubleshooting computer and networking systems.

Getting Ready for a Career As an Administrative Manager

When you work in administration, you are involved with day-to-day management tasks such as supervising administrative support personnel, scheduling meetings with clients or amongst internal team members, ordering equipment and supplies, and evaluating and setting policies and procedures. Skills typically expected of administrative managers include: organizational skills, communications skills, business administration skills, multitasking abilities, computer and software skills, coordination skills, and attention to detail. In addition, administrative managers often use specialized software such as customer relationship management or database programs…

Getting Ready for a Career As a Respiratory Therapist

When you work in respiratory therapy, you are involved with the assessment, treatment, and care of patients suffering from breathing disorders. Respiratory therapists supervise respiratory technicians; initiate and administer therapeutic procedures (or work under the direction of senior therapists and physicians); administer emergency breathing procedures such as CPR and external cardiac massage; set up and monitor artificial respiration; monitor patients and their vital signs during treatments; reassure patients; perform diagnostic procedures; and record and report progress and complications.

Becoming a Licensed Electrician

Whats it like to be an electrician? What does it take? Is it something for me? Can I make enough money at it?

Online Scheduling Will Make You More Relaxed On Your Holiday

Are you daydreaming about laying in a sunbed on a remote island, not thinking about anything than when to take the next jump into the water? With online scheduling you will be able to be completely relaxed and really enjoy yourself while on holiday.

Medical Assistant Multicultural Issues

Social differences influence the way in which we deal with individuals from various parts around the globe. We often become narrowly focused in our thinking as well as incorrectly assume that individuals all over the world think as well as do things exactly as we do.

Medical Transcription – Getting Your Voice Heard

The professional association for medical transcription, AHDI, is in the process proposing some major revisions. As the discussion emerges, I hear a consistent theme through blog comments and emails: How will the individual medical transcriptionist get their voice heard within the organization?

A Foreigner Looking For Work So Far From Home

A foreigner looking for work may have a harder time than expected, depending on the country of which he or she is applying for a job. Some countries are overly populated with people who are looking for work and would concentrate on finding work for them rather than hiring from out areas of the world.

Building and Projecting Your Professional Brand

The term “professional brand” is thrown around frequently these days when it comes to job searching, career advancement, and business opportunities. As is the case whenever a term begins to become trite we want to be careful that the original impact of its meaning doesn’t become lost or mushy with overuse or misuse. Ever since 1999, when Tom Peters launched the use of brand to encapsulate the worker migration from corporate cog to independent provider of value, one’s professional brand has built substantial importance and cache.

Freelancing Is All About a Change of Attitude

For many, the thought of becoming self employed and living a freelance lifestyle is an attractive yet scary concept. Working for yourself, being your own boss, and setting your own hours are likely to appeal to many people. You may assume that it is very difficult to start freelancing, and let’s be honest, it is hard work. But is it actually any harder than dragging yourself to work everyday to a job you hate?

Finding The Right Job Through Good Connections And A Few Solid Rules of Thumb

Finding a job, as a skill, is something a lot of people around the world are finding themselves having to master in a hurry. A few pieces of advice well-followed can go a long way to make the transition from unemployment into a new and satisfying career one just a little more bearable.

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