How Much Does Thrifty Tiffany Make on YouTube

Medical Transcription: Who Stands for the MT?

We’ve spent this week looking at the historical changes in medical transcription salaries, and then really looking into why they really haven’t increased relative to other professions in the health information management section of health care. What a week of great discussions!

Medical Transcription: There’s Just No Money In It

Yesterday’s discussion about the salaries for medical transcriptionists was an interesting one. I was as surprised at the data as many of you were when I actually went in search of it and put it together.

Transitioning Veterans and LinkedIn

Veterans, whether you’re Enlisted, NCOs, or Officers, you can use LinkedIn as an effective career development tool. Here are some of the ways LinkedIn can help you.

What to Expect In Your First Company Job?

Are you starting work for a company for the first time? This article will give you some general advice on what to look out for and what to look forward to so you don’t waste a good opportunity.

Medical Transcription – A Salary Perspective Over 11 Years

The medical transcription industry, through the professional association for MTs, AHDI, is having a push to make 2011 the year of the credential. Last year, the AHDI House of Delegates passed a resolution in support of mandatory credentialing.

How To Quantify Your Career Achievements

Typical resume advice says to use quantitative results — revenue generated, costs saved, profits increased. But what about people who aren’t in sales or don’t manage a budget. What results can you show if you are a mid-level manager or someone new in a career – in other words, someone without quantifiable job responsibilities?

Career Guidance and Career Advice for School Leavers and Graduates

It is important if a student is going to drop from Honors to Ordinary level that they don’t leave it until the last minute and that they are aware of the consequences a change in level may have. We would then together try to predict the points that the student is likely to achieve with a range from best case scenario to worst.

Solar Installer Helper Job Position and Solar Training Requirements

The solar industry is a growing industry and to gain access to this fast paced industry you need training. The basic entry level position is solar system installer helper and some training goes a long way. Here is what you need to know about this position.

The Ultimate Guide to Finding a New Career

Listen! The world is under an economic crisis. To soften the blow, this crisis is labeled “the great recession.” Therefore, your search for a job must be up sized. Only a career in a market that is as stable as the rock of Gibraltar. You need to make yourself so unique that your expertise is always in demand. So much in demand that no matter where the economy turns, your stability will weather the storm. Now many would assume that this quality career must require further training & education. Yet time is too short and eternity is too long for you to spend the time away from the market. Also, your back to a generic solution that makes your expertise valued at “a dime a dozen.” My advise is to find this stable career, devote yourself wholly to it and hold onto it with bulldog tenacity!

Transcription Work at Home – 5 Steps to Get a Transcription Job Online

Transcription work at home is one of the jobs that have made a good number of people enjoy making money at the comforts of home. If you love to work from home as a transcriptionist, keep in mind that there are important considerations that you also have to make before getting this good job opportunity.

Make Money Online by Proofreading

Proofreading had a good market ever since the printing of books began. Anyone (with or without experience) having passion for words and an eye for detail can undertake the job of proofreading. There are wide range of possibilities and numerous lucrative opportunities for you in the internet to earn money online from the comfort of your own home. Proofreading involves simply reading a document and searching for errors or mistake in spelling, grammar.

If You Feel You Are Going To Be Fired

At one time or another, nearly everybody in the business world has felt that they were going to be fired or laid off. Sometimes this is an unavoidable evil while other times the prospect of getting fired can be prevented. Here are some measures one could take if they feel that losing their current job is almost inevitable.

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