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Business Phrasal Verbs – Improve Your Career

Business phrasal verbs are really just phrasal verbs used in a business context. Obviously, some words are more easily applied to a business context than others, but the point is that it is essential to study all modern phrases to be able to compete in the workplace.

Practical Career Advice – 7 Questions to Choose Your Career

While knowing what you don’t want is a great place to start looking for a new career. Knowing what you want is as important. Do you want to work on a large team? Or do you prefer the flexibility of an at home office?

Good Jobs With No Education – Is This Possible?

There is no doubt that good jobs with no education are hard to find. The good news is that there are more options now than ever for people with little or no education. In fact, many times those that have spent money on their education find that they end up taking low paying entry level jobs to get a foot in the door.

Career Change Advice – How to Be Happy at Work defines Work as the result of exertion, labor, or activity. How can anyone be happy while exerting energy or toiling? The simple answer: Do those things that energize and excite you.

Which Crab Are You?

A crab by itself will always seek to escape a bucket, so you must always keep a lid on it. However, put a second crab in the bucket and the lid is no longer needed.

How to Become Incorporated

There are lots of reasons why firms determine to become incorporated. The primary and most essential is the fact that it accords firms the status of limited liability.

Solving Minor Behavior Problems – Tips For First Time Teachers

Recognizing what’s a big or a small problem is the key to being a fair and even teacher. Use these tips as a guide in your classroom to handle the small problems.

Basic Discipline Techniques – Tips For First Time Teachers

Having a good supply of tools in your discipline belt is a key to any good teacher. Here are a few to get you started. You’ll surely come up with your own throughout the year.

Is Your Hobby Enough to Be a Career Or is it Just For Tinkering?

I’ve written previous articles on why you should find a career that makes you happy. For high school and college graduates this is easier said than done. It can be very hard to know exactly what you want to do and you often feel like whatever you pick you’re stuck with forever. That simply isn’t true.

When Choosing Your Next Career, Do Something That Makes You Happy

Whether you’re just starting out in life, or are ready for a chance of scenery, look for a career that will make you happy. I’ve learned from the mistakes of my elders who chose noble professions, but are not happy in their daily grind. As a result they are leading a frustrating life with few rewards. This system can lead to many vices and addictions. New passions that get you into trouble while you try to pretend that your daily life doesn’t exist.

Do Your Ideas Square With Reality?

Are you having a difficult time facing reality? Are you finding the challenges in your job search hard to understand and accept? Are the facts of today’s job market confusing you? Do you feel that you have an understanding of the job market, but it still makes no sense? If you believe that there should be an explanation for everything, these questions most likely resonate with you.

What is in a Personal Mission Statement? Part I

A personal mission statement is used to outline an individual’s career course as they plan their future. As the name implies it is primarily a personal document that helps the individual assess opportunities enabling them to stay the course. The personal mission statement should include both personal and professional goals and aspirations for the near and long term.

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