Getting a Job With No Experience

With so many people struggling in today’s economy and the job market shrinking almost on a daily basis, it’s becoming harder and harder to find a job. Part of many people’s struggles to find work has a lot to do with lack of training and qualifications in their desired field.

Spring Cleaning Your LinkedIn and Online Profiles

Here’s How to Spit Shine Your Profiles. Practical “how-to” tips to update your online presence.

6 Ways to Successfully Begin Your Job Search

You may be familiar with the saying, “Finding a job is a job.” And yes, this is true. Finding a job is tedious task that requires patience, endurance, and self-motivation.

Different Types Of Professional Dressing

The way we look speaks volumes about what kind of people we are. A major part of our image is constituted by how we dress. This marks the very first impression when we meet new people and forms the basis of their opinions about who we are.

Stay at Home Moms: How to Hide the Glaring Employment Gap in Your Resume

As a stay-at-home mom, updating your resume is perhaps the most overwhelming task you’ll need to do after deciding to rejoin the workforce. I know it’s a bit overwhelming and ironic to some extent, considering you’ve done well raising your kids – updating your resume should be a piece of cake, right? It’s trickier than it seems. Sure, it’s easy to list your education and previous work before the kids came – but what comes next? How do you explain the huge gap from then ’til now?

Want a Resume Writer or Fiction Writer?

Your resume has to be authentic. You would be ill-served to use puffed up adjectives, characteristics and accomplishments. Get a professional Resume Writer to help write your resume. They have access to lots of resources and skills to help you position your value for career opportunities. Be ready to answer the inevitable interview question, “So tell me about yourself?”

Ensuring Proper and Sufficient Manpower for the Cath Labs

Perfect staffing is vital for the efficient functioning of the cardiac Cath labs. It is not an easy task to hire the right professionals at the right place.

Is Lucknow Emerging As A Job Hub?

Lucknow’s popularity seems to be going beyond the its nawabi culture, which earns it applauds all across. The capital city of Uttar Pradesh is now seen moving ahead in a direction where growth is the only aim and everything else just follows. Be it infrastructure, retail, information technology or job creation, Lucknow chases it all. The city was earlier confined to the manufacturing activities and small scale businesses. Besides these, the major employment creators that this capital city of UP had, were public sector organizations. Most of the native workforce in the city either belonged to these government jobs or to the individual business, besides the other junior level jobs in conventional manufacturing units.

The Power of One, The Power of You

Every day we are bombarded by new strategies on how to grow, expand and “get” more customers, do more, get more, more, more, more… Truly this can be exhausting, let alone overwhelming. The tactics that I am going to share with you today are simple, yet powerful ways to grow and expand your business no matter what level you currently are experiencing. Growing your business to leadership and visionary levels doesn’t have to be over complicated.

One In Seven Workers Give Their Boss a “D” or “F” Grade – Bad Communication Cited

According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, one in seven workers would give their boss a “D” or “F” grade when asked to evaluate their boss’ performance. The survey found that workers whose boss interacted with them frequently gave their boss higher grades. Without frequent communication, your boss might as well be a ghost boss.

O and P Technician – A Great Career Path for Recent HS Graduates

Do you know a recent H.S. graduate that is struggling to find out what career path they should take? There are plenty of well-paying niche jobs that offer a very rewarding career with just a two year educational investment. Consider a job as a technician in the O and P field

Top Performers Short List / Online Marketing

Sales people in general are a breed unto themselves as their strategy always involves utilizing the sales skills of Persuasion and Influence to convince the buyer that what they sell is needed in the process of closing and getting the sale. Use this information for online business ideas that can change your outcome.

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