How Much Does a BCBA Make


How Much Does a BCBA Make?

I’m sure many of you have watched the videos about becoming a BCBA and how to pass your BCBA, and everything that has to do with that. But I’m sure you have the burning question inside. How much does a BCBA make? I’m sure you guys are all one I’m going to talk about how much a BCBA can make. Not only that, but I’m also going to talk about some mistakes that you can make as a BCBA and not making as much as you can make some behavior contracts that impede our financial growth. 

I know it’s taboo to talk about money in the workplace, but I think the more we normalize the conversation about what we make that aligns with our credentials and our experience, that’s how we can start to close that pay gap. Some of us are not making what we should be making as BCBA, with the credentials that we have, or with the experience that we have, so I’m going to talk about it, what to do, and what not to do so. This video is entitled how much can you make as a BCBA? Ah, here we go, so some of you guys may remember in a previous video how to become a BCBA from the start. 

To finish, I mentioned after I became a BCBA after I pass my exam. Well, I happen. The first thing you’re going to notice is before your income will change drastically. I started making more money than I ever imagined that I would make at that age, not to say I was making hundreds and thousands of dollars. I wasn’t making that much, but I was making way more than I thought I would make at age 30 because where I come correct, so that was true, but that was only the beginning of my financial literacy journey in the field of ADA. You guys may not know this, but I started my career as a level two behavior analyst, so I don’t even know if they are still accepting applications for a level two behavior analyst back in the day when I did it, they were, and that’s just someone Who hadn’t set to take their exam yet. Still, they have all of their practicum hours? 

They have so much experience in the field. Remember, I came in with a little bit of experience, and then you also have to have a supervisor to sign off on it, but I was a level school behavior analyst before, except for my exam. I don’t remember exactly what I made as a level two behavior analyst. Still, about fifty thousand dollars, give or take, for me coming previously from a case manager that was like wow, okay. This is getting good, so immediately after I took my exam, I saw an increase in my rate. Usually, you should know that increase within your next pay cycle. So if you get your email that you passed the exam and that you’re now a board-certified behavior analyst, if you’re with a company, they can build a higher rate for you as a BCBA. 

There are a lot of companies out there that would hire you before you even pass your exam with a contingency of well. This is what you’ll make, or this is how we’ll increase your salary contingent on you passing the exam, and this is what you’ll make before you pass it. When I became a BCBA once again, I was considered entry-level. This would put you at around the 65 to 67 range annually, considering that you are working full time, which was great for me because, like I said, even the 50 thousand dollars was like wow, I am on the right track, so for it to increase to that amount I just I was comfortable with that felt like I was being paid my worth so like I said you get comfortable. You get complacent in this role, which is why it’s essential to have a community to talk about your salary. To talk about these things. Are you getting paid your worth, so a colleague of mine has always worked together. We are really on the same track, um, as far as our experience. At that time, she got a new job that was paying her 75,000.

And I’m thinking to myself what you mean to tell me that we can move from one agency to another agency and increase our salary by ten thousand dollars. And here I am, trying to get an extra degree to get a five thousand dollar raise. All you have to do is look around or consult with someone else, so you’ll realize that there is more out there or more money left on the table. You know, so I switched companies, but with that came a lot more understanding of why we shouldn’t necessarily follow the money train. Many of you may see ads out here may see things and say BCBA starting at ninety thousand dollars. 

BCBA started at eighty thousand dollars. Eighty-five thousand, and that looks good, sounds good. Usually, when you see things like that, it comes with a price, and you have to do your research to see what you will give up to get that type of money? So there is a rate that your company is billing insurances for your services, so they bill for your service. At a rate, they may pay you only 50 of what they are billing out for you. Some companies are only paying out 30 of what they are billing out for you. This is something I didn’t know at first. This is why, in the beginning, I was okay with just getting a little bit of money because I had no idea what companies were billing out for my services or what my worth was. Once you learn this, it’s tough to go back once you realize that You are not getting paid your total worth. 

It’s tough to be stagnant or comfortable, or complacent. Where you are, do you guys know how much money that we pay for these degrees? So it’s essential to do your research on how much you really should be getting paid. So you also have to think of overhead if you are working at an agency and they’re doing the billing for you. They are providing you with software for data collection. They are providing insurance and all of these things – and you are an employee, you will probably make less money or independent contractor, you may make a little more money, but you may be responsible for taking out your taxes, or you may not have a full caseload, or there is also give and take. Sometimes I’ve seen people offer me a great deal of money, but I would be spending 70 of my day in the car driving. The money is excellent, but is that worth me being away from my family stuck in traffic five to six days a week? 

So you have to weigh your options. I understand why they say: don’t follow the money train, because sometimes the money train can be very restricting in some areas. So, with all of this knowledge that I was acquiring throughout my career once, I realized that all right, dom you’re – probably never going to get your total rate, you’re, probably never going to get what you are worth until you get your own, which is why I am The co-owner of beyond aba hello. Whenever I am the BCBA on a caseload, I give it my all whether it’s my company or whether it’s not my company, you get 100 all down the BCBA mom. In this case, it’s tough to give your all 100 percent – I mean long nights, weekends, just consumed with work and only getting a portion of what you are worth. So I just thought to myself: why not put my all on my own? 

That also comes with these challenges. You know so there. There is a lot that comes with opening your private practice, and you may not even see income coming in for a while. You may have to take a sacrifice initially, and I know about that sacrifice. We may have to make a sacrifice or a pay cut initially or have six income streams to sustain a lifestyle. I earned six streams of income as a BCBA, but that’s okay do what I have to do so that my family is okay. You want to watch out for another thing that can hinder you from making the most amount of money in this field is contracts. Have you read your contract example? 

If you sign a non-compete contract, that’s precisely what it is! You cannot work at this aba company and work at another aba company at the same time. So when you think about having multiple streams of income limited only to one aba company, some non-compete clauses even give you a duration of time, meaning even after you leave this company. You still cannot work with these clients doing this work for a year after going that’s crazy. That is, limiting your money. Another contract that I have seen is a supervision contract. So sometimes you know young students. 

They may come to an agency for supervision. Sometimes that agency may make that student sign a contract. You are saying after you pass your BCBA exam. You have to work here afterward for this amount of time, or you have to, or you can’t work anywhere else or whatever. These crazy contracts may say everybody has a reason for everything, but it is very limiting when you think about it, and it can also be considered. Unethical told me a long time ago, like you, have the potential to make three hundred thousand dollars easily as an entrepreneur in this aba field, because there is a huge, huge need for our services, so think about it. You could grab a Silla contract for twenty thousand dollars over here out of town. You can grab a school contract for another twenty thousand dollars. Then you can have some in-home clients where insurance is reimbursing. You can have some out-of-pocket clients have a center-based. You can be a professor, and you can teach, you can um provide supervision, and you know you have a fee for that. The list is endless, and there is a lot of money to be made in this field. I’ve learned:

  • Don’t follow the money train.
  • Follow the integrity train.
  • Follow the ethical training.
  • Follow the train that gives our clients the most effective services ever.

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