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Build Up Your CV To Get Your Dream Job

As most people who’ve struggled and searched for a new job in recent years will know, the increased competition means that it’s becoming harder to stand out and, frequently, it’s the smaller things that make the difference. While you may not be able to add a new position to your CV, you can certainly boost your employability.

Don’t Ignore Your Undiscovered Talents

We all have natural skills and talents, but often they are hidden from us. These hidden opportunities are a rich area in which to discover meaningful and satisfying talents. Developing these hidden opportunities requires effort and support. The results are worth it as development often leads to unexpected and spectacular results.

Writing an Attractive Cover Letter: How to Begin a Successful Cover Letter

The importance of a good cover letter when applying for a job is often underestimated by job seekers, but seen as crucial by employers and recruiters. Writing a successful cover letter that attracts recruiters and hiring managers requires a good understanding of the hiring manager’s needs and wants, and how to catch their and recruiters’ attention. Let’s break down the process. In a series of articles, I will take you through the steps of writing a cover letter that will give you an edge in this highly competitive job market. In this first article, we will walk through how to begin a cover letter with special attention to “hooking” your audience.

How To Take Charge Of Your Career – 4 Key Areas to Achieve Career Success

Careers are more complicated than ever. There are no well-defined roadmaps and ‘job security’ is long gone. The skills, experiences, competencies and connections are moving so fast that if you ignore the changes happening around you, you will suddenly find yourself sidelined and wondering what happened. So, how do we stay at the top of our career game? Grab a cup of coffee, block out time in your calendar and spend some time thinking about the following 5 career areas.

How to Get Your Voice Heard in a Meeting

When you are a person who is dedicated to creating value for your organization because you have a passion for your work then it is very important for you to be a contributor to the organization’s success. One of the toughest challenges that workers face is that there is so much competition for people to get their voice heard that they are sometimes lost in the crowd. This is even truer when there is a meeting which is scheduled to take place with several different stakeholders in attendance. Meetings have the ability to bring the best and worst out of people. We have seen meetings in which people speak with nothing to contribute just to feel that they participated in the process and to satisfy their own egos.

Career Change Advice for Women Returning To the Workforce

After giving birth and staying home to look after your kids for quite a while, you may find it really exciting and frightening at the same time to get back to work. Well, it is really exciting to be able to reconnect with your old colleagues, and to earn a salary once again.

Success Is About More Than Professional Qualifications – It Is About Our Soft Skills Too

Many technically skilled professionals today are bewildered when the promotions and opportunities they believe they deserve go to those who are not as qualified. They have not yet discovered that success today is as much about their soft skills as it is about their technical skills.

When The Government Cuts The Budget On Defense Jobs Are At Stake

When budget cuts come in a government agency or in a Corporation people will undoubtedly lose their jobs. You never know if you are next to go, but if you think you might be you start planning your strategy ahead. This of course seriously cuts into productivity, employee morale, and things just don’t run very well when everyone is paranoid about potential backstabbing employment reviews, and who might get the ax first. It’s just no good, and it is easy to destroy your own career worrying over all of this as you try to avoid being next on the list.

I Don’t Give A Rats Rear End How Many Meetings With Top Mucky Mucks You’ve Been To

Over the years, I’ve talked to many people at the local coffee shop who are out of work, looking for work, or fresh out of school trying to pick a career. When I talk to people and industry, it is easy for me to get a bearing into what type of person they are, just knowing what they do for a living, or what they wish they would be doing, or what they’ve done in the past helps break the ice. Often people are quite impressive when you read their resumes, but in real life they leave a lot to be desired.

Want To Become a Nurse? Don’t Bother, Not A Good Career Path Strategy

It is amazing how many people want to be a nurse these days. Everywhere I go I see kids studying to become nurses. Unfortunately, the number of nursing jobs does not equal the number of kids graduating as nurses. Worse, the competition just to get into nursing school is absolutely outrageous. Once you get out of nursing school the chances of getting a job is not too good, and the competition is also great, that is if you can find someone that is hiring.

If You Really Want A Job, Stop Kidding Yourself and Start Trucking

Do we really have a shortage of jobs in this country? Not really, what we do have is an unwillingness of many Americans to do some of the tougher jobs, or jobs which aren’t quite as sexy or as appealing in our society. Trust me when I tell you, there are plenty of jobs which pay very well that many students don’t want. After all, they went to college so they can work as a professional in some industry, or for some large corporation with a big paycheck. You see they’ve been sold a bill of goods.

How About a Career In The US Navy – Yes, I Am All In, Bring It!

Not long ago, I was talking to a military man who was approaching 20 years in the U.S. Navy. As we discussed this and his future career in early military retirement, I had noted how many young military personnel I had talked to in and around our town. I have remarked at how well-mannered they were, and how good it was to see so many great people working in our military. I explained to him that my perception was that whatever they were doing or whatever they were training these kids to do while in public was obviously working, and the local base commander should be commended.

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