How Much Does Sloan Bella Make On YouTube

Lucrative Jobs in Game Testing – Grab One Now

Jobs in game testing have created waves of late all over the world. They are becoming popular like a killer video game going all out to grab all. The serious video gamers are flocking to get a job in the game testing area.

How to Become a Beta Tester – The Basics

If you really like games with all its turns and twists and enjoys its company irrespective of time and place then you are most welcome to enter the jobs of testing games. A typical beta tester requires testing games prior to their release into the open market. Without the help of these testers no new game can come out for the masses

Embrace a Job of Beta Tester Now – Enjoy a Brand New Career

If you want to enjoy a brand new career then the job of a beta tester is perfect for you. The world has seen a sudden upsurge in these jobs of late. These jobs are packed with excitement, enjoyment, freshness and innovation.

Changing Faces of Games – The New Age Jobs in Video Game Testing

The video games are undergoing some rapid changes as of now. They are becoming more innovative and sophisticated. No longer they are considered as exclusive playmates of kids and young ones

How to Choose a Career With Long Term Goals in Mind?

India with huge number of freshers passing out from Engineering, Medical and other streams from are finding it extremely difficult to find a career that really helps them to achieve their long term goals. Here are some tips from my side, which hopefully could address the young minds to choose their right career.

Eportfolios Or Electronic Portfolios

An ePortfolio or electronic portfolio is a collection of electronic evidence that appears online. The ePortfolio may contain text, files, images, multimedia, blogs, and hyperlinks. EPortfolios show both the users’ talents and ways to express themselves. Plus, if it is on the Internet, this can be kept for a long time. A number of ePortfolio applications allow different extents of user access, such that the identical portfolio might be utilized for diverse intentions.

Facing a Sack at Your Place of Work and How to Be Prepared

The first principle to adopt if you happen to be found in the wrong, is never deny the truth since it will not make your predicament go away. By accepting the truth you will not only set your mind free but it will help you to be better prepared for any eventuality.

How to Effectively Get Your Model Tear Sheets

Is your current comp card in need of an upgrade? Have you ever completed a cool photo shoot but never got any tear sheets for your comp card or portfolio?

What Does a Medical Assistant Actually Do?

Medical assistants’ (MAs) daily tasks in the medical office are very broad, from answering telephones to explaining treatment procedures to patients. They handle both the routine administrative and clinical tasks. However, the main task of a MA is to keep the office clean and quiet and demonstrate healthcare professionalism for the office to run smoothly and efficiently.

Professional Personal Training – How to Make a Career As a Professional Personal Trainer

The Personal Training industry is literally exploding (25% growth in last 5 years) and is a great industry to make build a career in. Just make sure you have the 3 key ingredients for ultimate success.

Unemployed? Maybe You Should Be

With the latest unemployment rates reaching nearly 10 per cent, perhaps it’s time to look at the numbers a little differently from the gloom and doom nightmare we hear about in every possible news medium. At first glance ten per cent may seem alarmingly high, but is it really?

Your 7 Seconds of Interview Opportunity

Are you about to embark on a search for a new job? Maybe you feel that you aren’t getting the challenge you need in your current position, maybe you want to pursue a path that offers greater training and development opportunities, to spread your professional wings and bolster you CV with deeper and wider experience.

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