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Don’t Let a Layoff Lead to a Rash Decision

Business and economic publications tout the increase in small business start ups during a recession. Many folks, now without employment, are rushing out to start their own business vowing never to be in this position again. The dreams of owning your own business, setting your own schedule and making your own decisions seems almost irresistible. Do you and your family a favor, don’t jump in before doing your homework.

The Corporate Workplace – Stressed Out Workers in Stagnant Careers

Recent surveys reveal that over one-half of the US workforce feel their careers have stagnated. This state of limbo, with corresponding high unemployment numbers and general economic uncertainty, is causing stress, anxiety, and even depression in many workers. Stress weakens the body’s immune system and its ability to fight off common colds, H1N1, and more serious diseases. What workers can do to counter stress and what companies must do to help.

December – A Great Time For a New Job

People often think that December is the wrong time to find work, because “who leaves a job at the holidays” or because “bonuses are pending” but that’s definitely not the truth. Far too often, people decide to put their job hunt on hold between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, but that’s a huge mistake.

Are You Happy in Your Job?

There are some very obvious signs that can indicate you’re in the wrong job, but often, we avoid admitting those even to ourselves. Yes, the job market is tough right now, but job satisfaction cannot be overlooked. After all, we spend too much time at our jobs to be unhappy every day.

Wildlife Management Careers

But, what if there was another option? What if you could create your own job or join a team of Wildlife Management Professionals and operate your own business? Sometimes this is the only option you are left with and often your best option! It can be extremely frustrating searching for a job during a depressed economy. You end up taking something to just “get by”.

Misbehaving Student? Let the Fellow Students Throw Them Out!

Sometimes you just have to step back and let what happens happen. And sometimes that is the best thing that can happen. If you have ever done training or teaching or even business meetings, this article may just be what you need to ‘hear’.

Seven Reasons Why You Should Quit Contracting and Find Another Job

I’ve been a licensed general building contractor for over 20 years now and have been working in the construction business since 1978. I don’t know how many times I’ve thought about quitting, but haven’t yet.

You Can Be a Successful Physical Therapist

If you really put your mind to something, you would achieve it. Same goes to your career. You can be a successful physical therapist (PT), if you put your mind to it and be prepared to do everything you can to achieve it. However, you might want to know some tips that would help you to become a successful PT.

Earning Forensic Accounting Degrees Benefits

Forensic accounting degrees are getting more and more out there. Although it is not as common as accounting but it is getting popular among accountants these days. What are the benefits that you will get if you end up taking this course or your parents had send in your application for you in this course?

Finding the Best Work at Home Medical Transcription Jobs – Where to Look

I don’t know about you, but the whole concept of working at home sounds pretty great. Just think about it, working from home means that there are no annoying co-workers to deal with, and no demanding managers to put up with. Work at home medical transcription jobs are some of the most popular work at home jobs around, and it is able to offer all of the bliss and comfort anyone could ever hope for.

Is it Really Necessary to Have a Medical Transcriptionist Degree to Earn a Sizable Salary?

It is crucial to know that if you are looking into medical transcriptionist jobs, you are going to be required to have some sort of experience. It is very unlikely that you will find a job that doesn’t require experience. A wise way to obtain the knowledge you need is to prepare to obtain a transcriptionist degree.

Snagging the Sweetest Online Medical Transcriptionist Jobs – You Should Look Here First

Finding the greatest online medical transcriptionist jobs is something that may seem impossible. If you’re one of the many who think that all jobs have experienced downsizing due to the stumbling economy, then think again. The healthcare industry is still booming. Medical transcriptionist work is a great choice for all types of people from stay-at-home-moms to those who have no idea of what they would like to do.

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